Are DoorDash Hotspots Worth it? (My personal Experience)

Are DoorDash Hotspots Worth it?

If you’re just starting out your delivery journey on DoorDash, Hotspots are one thing that can put you off balance. For one reason, DoorDash claims that these are recommended places to be while waiting for orders, while most personal experiences don’t affirm that.

Well, this article aims to get you over what Hotspots are on Doordash, whether they’re worth the stress, and how you should be using them better.

Are DoorDash Hotspots Worth it?

According to DoorDash, Hotspots are locations that are likely the busiest around a city. They’re denoted with the flames in icons on the app’s map, and only available when you’re not on deliveries.

A snapshot of Doordash spots in a particular location I dash in
A snapshot of Doordash Hotspots in a particular location I dash in

The Hotspots on Doordash are usually in popular restaurants, business districts, shopping centers, etc.

But the question is, how effective are they?

To clear the air, Hotspots on Doordash are still very much important, but knowing exactly how they work, would make it more effective.

Firstly, they’re are gotten from analyzing data of areas that get more order requests previously, from the company’s system.

The problem here is, this is not real-time accurate, but are prediction. So you never want to be limited by what it says. It’s expected to be right, but not always.

And as DoorDash clarifies, there is no guarantee there’d always be orders in these locations. In essence, just as predictions, they’re not 100% accurate.

Is it a good start? Definitely. But are they worth it? It is, if you know how to use it right.

However, here’s something you need to know…

Tips to Note When Using DoorDash Hotspots

1. Take a look at the similarities

While Hotspots don’t have real-time data on events, you could also make use of their data to find what works.

For instance, if you’ve never dashed before you might not be quick to guess that there are better orders in shopping centers, popular restaurants, or business districts, than in traditional locations.

But by using DoorDash Hotspots, you have a clue and create your personal hotspots as illustrated below.

2. Create your Own Personal Hotspots

If you’ve been a driver for a while, you’d definitely have locations with a higher order rate.

Keep that. That’s a Hotspot and a personal one with some good advantages – you likely don’t have people to compete with since Doordash doesn’t have data about them.

Generally, drivers are expected to know their local area and identify popular restaurants and busy times, regardless of whether they’re on the Hotspot or not.

And if you’re just starting out, taking a look at the similarities with Doordash Hotspots and what you can find in your location, as we discussed earlier, could help you create the mindset of what good locations look like.

It’s also important to make mention that a Hotspot you find could also just be trending for the moment. Perhaps, there’s a new love for a particular restaurant in your location.

Either way, use it when you can.

It might not stay forever, and DoorDash may not even have data about it, hence less room for competition at the moment.

3. You don’t always have to go to a Hotspot

While Hotspots are still useful as we’ve justified, having the obligation to always go to one after a delivery or when you’re just starting out isn’t a so much good strategy.

If it’s close to your location, then that’s fine. Not close? You don’t always have to move there.

Remember, there’s no guarantee, it’s just an estimation. You can still get orders anywhere.

For instance, yesterday I was about 15 miles away from the closest “Hotspots” and I really didn’t bother since I’m quite familiar with my location and what works.

Long story short, I managed to close 13 deliveries for $140 for the few hours I was out working.

I’ve also managed to build out a list of locations that work for me – that’s my personal Hotspots.

This list includes a list of different types of restaurants (a mix of Chinese, Italian, etc ), marketplace, etc. I just have them grouped out and at the beginning of the day type them out when I want to begin dashing.

Why You Don’t Always Get Orders on Hostpots

Well, it’s simple.

Even when the Hotspots is right about a location getting higher orders, chances are, a lot of drivers have already taken advantage of this, even before you.

Of course, Hotspots are public and not personalized. Perhaps, when you arrive at the location, it may just be the time all orders in that location have been harvested.

Now, there are also chances that the Hotspots estimation isn’t right. Of course, the prediction isn’t based on real-time data, but on historical events.

This is the reason, why you need to take our tips above to heart.

Final Thoughts

DoorDash Hotspots are still useful regardless, but it doesn’t mean they’re the ultimate prediction dashboard that is 100% accurate.

Generally, if you use them wisely, you’ll find it useful.

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