4 Best Electric bike for Deliveroo

4 Best Electric bike for Deliveroo

Whether you’re planning for an upgrade or you’re tryna get into Deliveroo, there are things that could have prompted you to get an Electric bike.

Things such as less stress, faster delivery, and a higher vehicle priority over normal bikes, hence an increase in orders.

This article will cover in-depth, the best electric bike for Drivers getting into Deliveroo.

    What makes a good Electric Bike?

    Before we go on to make a list of these bikes, why not take a list of the factors that make a good Electric bike? Well, here they are:

    Motor and Battery

    The motor and battery are the heart of any electric bike.

    If an Electric bike’s motor isn’t strong enough, it won’t make much of a difference when compared to a normal bicycle.

    So, yeah, your Electric bike motor should be as strong as it can to be helpful when passing through hilly terrains. Because these times will definitely come.

    However, while you get a bike with a strong motor, you also want to make sure they have strong batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the most recommended here since they provide high energy density, low self-discharge rate, and long cycle life.


    Electric Bikes usually have limited distances they could cover, after a complete charge, depending on what batteries they have.

    Most E-bikes usually go around 30 miles+ before going off.

    Generally, this varies across brands, and companies, and is worth putting a check into.


    It’s usually important to consider durability when making consumer choices for whatever product. Electric bikes aren’t an exception to this.

    For this, the best advice is to always go for Brands with a reputable name, rather than just some fancy products manufactured by an unbranded company.

    For instance, why we recommend RadPower Radcity, they’re a recommended brand in the industry. Moreso, they come with a 1-year warranty that should cover most repairs you’ll need to do.

    Cargo Space

    Do you want a bike in which you can put orders at their back or are you fine with the normal backpacks you use? You have to put these factors in place.

    But usually, putting food in the basket or any extra space on a bike, in general, is usually not advisable. From my experience, you should be fine with a good backpack.


    While it’s not always advisable to go the price route when making strategic planning, there could be an exception here. While you want to get a good bike, it should be worth the price. Of course, it’s not like Deliveroo gives you these bikes for free.

    That’s the reason we at Exiledriver, always believe in Value for money>price of a commodity.

    All this being said, let’s go onto the list…

    Best Electric Bike For Deliveroo

    Now, to the nitty gritty of this article, here are the top 4 Electric Bikes for Deliveroo:

    Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus – Our Top Pick

    Rad Power Bikes RadCity - Best Electric bike for Deliveroo

    From an awarding winning Bicycle manufacturer, RadCity 5 Plus is a professional take on the latest model of the Rad City Series, the company’s flagship bicycle.

    It’s designed specifically for city riding, making it a perfect fit for Deliveroo drivers. Alongside, it features a 750W motor as well as a 48V battery, which could go up to 45 miles after a single charge.

    At its best, it could go up to 21mph in speed. With the assistance of pedals, there’s likely an increase of 10km/hr.

    Lastly, the official cargo capacity from the company is around 275 pounds.

    Cost: $1849

    Visit RadCity

    If you feel it’s too expensive though, you can opt for its sister model, the Rad Runner 2 which costs about $1400, a $500 difference – probably worth it.

    ANCHEER Electric Bike – Most Affordable

    ANCHEER Electric Bike - Best Electric bike for Deliveroo

    The ANCHEER Electric Bike are not just an affordable pick for Deliveroo drivers looking to get an Electric bike but also a good value for money.

    Most ANCHEER bikes come with a motor between 250W – 500W motor while bagging a 36V battery. According to the company, this could provide a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

    For most delivery runs, this would be enough.

    Before we go on to the next section, ANCHEER Electric Bike costs between $500- $800 depending on the model you choose to go with.

    Visit ANCHEER.

    Aventon Pace 500 – Best Value for Money

    Aventon Pace 500 - Best Value for Money- Best electric bikes for deliveroo

    Aventon is one brand you can trust if you want to get an Electric bike that’d serve you, and is as well, durable. To add up, they’re great value to what they cost.

    For the Aventon Pace 500, it’s equipped with a 500W motor that provides a top speed of 20 MPH, which can as well be increased with a little pedal assist (for people who love flying).

    On average it has a 30 Miles Range, thanks to its 48V battery.

    Lastly, it comes with an LCD display at the front of the rider, showing a display of the battery life, and the speed, just like the speedometer on cars.

    Visit Aventon

    Tern Vektron – Best Compact for Deliveroo

    Tern Vektron - Best bikes for deliveroo

    If you’re someone who is still afraid of getting an electric bike and just leaving it outside due to the size or weight you might want to consider getting something more compact. Tern Vektron is one of them.

    Vektron is the compact model or series from Tern Bicycle Brand.

    It features a 400W motor which can allow for up to 20mph and also comes with a 36V battery that can provide a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

    Lastly, as a compact model, you can fold within just 10secs on average.

    Visit Verktron

    Why Choose Electric Bikes for Deliveroo?

    So, what makes Electric bikes special? It’s not like they could automatically drive you: they just assist. Why them?

    Starting from the most important factor, let’s explain why Electric Bikes could be a good vehicle for Deliveroo.

    Higher Vehicle Priority

    Now, there’s something called vehicle priority which was introduced in 2019 to the Deliveroo algorithm, “Frank.”

    According to the company, this is a way for them to get orders delivered faster to customers. They do this by assigning orders to drivers with vehicles of higher priority relative to a condition than other drivers.

    For instance, for an order with a longer distance, a car is the highest priority, down to motorbikes, scooters, and electric bikes before normal bicycles.

    The problem with this is that Bicycles are usually the ones with the lowest priority.

    On the other hand, E-bikes have higher priority than them, making more orders on average. Here’s a video that shows this:

    This aside… it’s important to know that there are a number of factors that could result in lesser orders than just vehicle priority.

    Generally, things like Ratings, Location, Competition as well vehicle priority, all play into determining how many orders you get.

    Less Stress

    Obviously, with an Electric you tend to cover a distance much faster. Even better, you do this with less stress.

    Electric bikes could also be a big leverage when you stay in a city with hilly terrains where you need to cross to deliver.

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it. While you can just go with any bike, you need to put many factors (which we’ve listed) into place.

    From our research, the RadCity 5 Plus, ANCHEER, Aventon Pace 500, and Tern Vektron are a good fit for anyone looking to get into Deliveroo with an E-bike.

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