4 Reasons Deliveroo Can’t Verify Phone Number

4 Reasons Deliveroo Can't Verify Phone number - Featured Image

Phone numbers are basically the most important vital information for a person in the 21st century. Without them, you can’t make calls, send messages and most importantly, sign up to the platforms you want to.

But what happens when you have your phone number right, but still face problems using it on Deliveroo?

I know how frustrating this can be, hence we’re putting out this article to help you solve your problem.

Possible reasons why Deliveroo can’t verify your phone number

Most of the time, Deliveroo requests your phone number in order to verify your identity, communicate with you and send you updates regarding your orders and the latest happenings.

If you find it difficult to verify your phone number or it doesn’t just go through at all, here are some of the possible reasons this may be happening.

Incorrect phone number

If the number you are providing is incorrect or probably a fake number, it won’t be verified and you’ll get stuck.

This is one of the most common reasons for your phone verification failure.

It could also be possible that you are using the wrong phone number code for your country.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, the official and correct format to be used should begin with “+44”. 

If you are using anything different from this, then you are probably using the wrong country code.

It’s important that you meet the correct format for the country in order to verify your phone number on Deliveroo.

The phone number is associated with multiple accounts

Deliveroo hates it when a user creates several different accounts with the same details. 

Most users do this for fraudulent activities, most especially during promotions in order to have access to offers that are initially available only to new account users.

However, if you’ve created multiple accounts with that same phone number or the number has already been registered for a different account, Deliveroo won’t accept it.

The verification code is expired

If your number is correct and is not registered with another account before, then it could be that your verification code has expired.

Deliveroo will normally send you a code to verify your phone number and if you take too long to enter it, the code could get expired, leading to your phone number not being verified.

Network and Location Issue

We can assume that network and location play an important role in the use of apps, as not all regions might have access to some services.

If the verification of your phone number won’t go through, it could be because of your network provider, or even a fluctuations in service.

In this case, using a different phone number could likely solve the issue.

How to troubleshoot issues with Deliveroo’s phone number verification process

Now that you are aware of the reasons why your phone number won’t obviously be verified, here are the ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Check the number for errors and format

The phone number must be your actual number and it should be correct. 

You should also use the correct format for your country just like we’ve highlighted above.

Incorrect phone numbers will only lead to you not receiving the verification code and without that, you can’t verify your number.

Use a unique phone number

Simply, you should use a phone number that has not been registered with Deliveroo before.

If your phone number is associated with a previous account, you are likely not to get through the verification stage.

Editors Tip: if you are not willing to make use of your personal phone number at the moment, there are virtual phone numbers you can make use of that could help you solve your problem.

It’s also important to use your actual mobile phone number as this is what you’ll be using in receiving orders and delivery information.

Try using alternative verification methods

A lot of reasons could play into why your phone verification may not be working.

Some can be fixed. For instance an incorrect phone number.

But others can’t. A technical issue from the company is a typical example.

In this case, it could be best you resort to using other alternative methods of verification, like your email address.

It’s however, still worth mentioning that you might still need to add your phone number in the long run.

What to do if Deliveroo can’t verify your phone number?

If any of the aforementioned troubleshooting methods didn’t solve the problem, it could be time for you to get in touch with Deliveroo.

Contacting their customer support for assistance could help most time. And if there’s any underlying issue, they’re likely to let you know about it.


Verifying your phone number is an important process if you want to sign up or even make an order on Deliveroo. 

If you ever have a problem verifying this, however, this article should help you with your questions.

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