Deliveroo Order Never Arrived? Here’s what may have happened

Deliveroo Order Never Arrived? Here's what may have happened

Maybe you placed an order and are already expecting your food to be delivered as usual, just to notice your order is taking more than enough time to be delivered. So, what could have gone wrong?

If you’re stuck here, be rest assured that there are some specific guidelines to take in situations like this. This is part of what we’ll be highlighting in this article below.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Deliveroo order never arrived: Here are some reasons

As the respected company that Deliveroo is, it’s expected, they pay adequate attention to their customer satisfaction, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Even if they could try, they can’t get it everything alright.

If you don’t get your orders delivered as expected, below are some common reasons why this could have happened.

1. Wrong delivery information

This is perhaps the most common reason why orders do get issues.

Before placing an order you need to ensure that you’ve cross-checked all the information you provided.

If you provided incorrect or incomplete details, the Deliveroo driver assign to your order would have problem delivering it.

In worst cases or cases where they can’t contact you or the location presented, you’ll likely get your order cancelled.

Deliveroo would usually contacts you if it detected a problem with the information it provided.

If you have a problem adding your delivery address or other information, you can check our guide on that.

2. Your food got tampered with

In rare cases, it’s possible to get your food tampered with.

Now, we don’t see this often, neither do we want to see it, but it’s worth mentioning that this happens.

In fact, they’re a lot of scammy tactics some shady drivers use. Such as marking an order complete when it’s not yet completed, collecting excess orders they won’t bothering about delivering, and eating food ordered by customers.

Here are some reports about this:

what happens when deliveroo orders never arrives
Redditor complaining about a failed delivery on the platform

This is a situation no one wants to be in, but it does happen. But when it does, the best thing is to keep calm and wait. Who knows, maybe they’re caught in the traffic…

Whichever way, if this happens, you don’t have to fret, as you’ll still get your refund duely, by contacting Deliveroo through their customer service.

3. Maybe they were caught up by Emergency or problem

We don’t know what’s in front us, neither can we predict the future.

If you’ve been in contact with a delivery driver and all of a sudden, you can’t seem to reach them, you might want to hold on for a while to know what the problem that led to their sudden absence is.

In the meantime, you might also want to track the delivery driver through the map feature on the platform, or check if there’s traffic. Who knows< that could be the problem

4. A problem from your end

Probably, it’s your first time using Deliveroo and you can’t tell how the whole thing works…

If that’s the case, you might want to learn the the basics of using Deliveroo. Here’s a video that shows that…


That aside, if a crash occurred on the app while or after initiating an order, Deliveroo might not be able to process the orders which eventually leaves it stuck and uandelivered.

This is why you need to always ensure that your orders are completely processed and also keep monitoring the status of the orders.

Most of the time, the above are the two most common causes of a deliveroo order that wasn’t delivered.

Other things that could lead to failed deliveries include technical issues with the restaurant and even when you are not available to receive the orders.

What To Do If Your Deliveroo Order Doesn’t Arrive?

After waiting all day long for your order but it looks like it won’t be arriving, here are the things you need to do.

Check The Status Of The Order

This is the first step you are expected to take. You need to know the delivery status of your order which will provide you an insight on what happened exactly.

If the order is still being processed or pending, the estimated delivery time will be highlighted above. 

You might just need to wait it out if it fails to arrive.

Get In Touch With Deliveroo

Sometimes, a situation whereby your order would be marked as delivered but you didn’t actually get anything delivered at your doorstep.

You should take immediate steps to contact the delivery company. 

They might need to make some explanations regarding why you didn’t receive your order.

What Deliveroo will do is investigate the issue to confirm whether your order was delivered to a different address or wasn’t processed at all.

If your order got misplaced, then a refund will be initiated as soon as possible. 

You can also request for a refund if your order didn’t arrive within a specific timeframe.

There’s an option on the app that allows you to complain and request a refund perhaps all due requirements are met.

Deliveroo’s policy on undelivered orders

In terms of orders and delivery on Deliveroo, there are specific terms and conditions that coordinate how the company operates and how some particular situations will be handled.

Due to the Customer 

Regarding the delivery of your order, if the rider gets to your location and wasn’t able to deliver the item to you. 

You would be contacted and the delivery driver will wait up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

If this timeframe elapses, the delivery driver will leave and you will still be charged for that particular order.

The policy behind this is because you provided incorrect Information and address which isn’t actually the fault of the company or restaurant.

You’ll still be charged by Deliveroo if your undelivered orders were as a result of the wrong details you provided or you didn’t respond to Deliveroo’s attempt to contact you.

Due To Deliveroo

If the customer isn’t directly responsible for the orders that could not be delivered, then obviously they should be looking forward to a refund.

It’s possible that the order didn’t go through at all on the app or the order was marked as delivered when you didn’t receive it. 

Deliveroo states that contacting them will help you solve this issue.

Final Thoughts

Basically, it’s important that you monitor or track your order on the app to know the status. The status of the order will let you know the next action to take, whether to wait some more time or reach out to the company.

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