Deliveroo Still Assigning a Rider? Here are 4 Reasons and Fixes

Deliveroo Still Assigning a Rider? Here are 4 Reasons and Fixes

Getting bombarded by the notification “Still assigning a rider” on Deliveroo can be annoying, as it almost doesn’t stop and neither is there an actual reason the app does this.

Well, we’ll be taking things into our hands to list out these reasons as well as our recommended fixes to this issue.

4 Reasons Deliveroo Still Assigning a Rider

1. Lack of Drivers in the Zone

While there are drivers in most locations, there are times when the demand for them in areas becomes high.

This is common during peak hours, and would only lead to a shortage of drivers unless you stay in a location where there’s a very good number of drivers.

Editors note: Peak hours on Deliveroo are generally during lunchtime and dinner. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are also the busiest days in the week.

Busy time chart on Deliveroo
Busy time chart on Deliveroo

Now, not just peak hours, there are other reasons this can happen such as riders being unavailable due to personal reasons, unfavorable weather conditions, strikes, road blockage, and a list of other factors.


Firstly, if it’s your first time making orders in the location, perhaps delayed delivery assignments are the norm, due to a general lack of drivers.

Well, depending on the reason, it’s usually advisable to order during non-peak hours.

Aside from having Deliveroo assign your orders faster, this would generally lead to an increased delivery time, since both restaurants and drivers are less busy during this time.

Now, If not, there are likely to be other factors playing. Check the news for weather conditions, the possibility of strikes, road blockages, etc

If none of these seems to be the issue, read on to the following reasons…

2. Poor Pay

Yes, the lack of drivers contributes a good percentage to the problem of the app taking long to assign drivers. But what about cases where you stay in a big city? For instance, Westminster?

Definitely, the issue here is not the lack of drivers but can be other factors playing, of which “Poor Pay” can easily be pointed out.

You might also like to know that Drivers are paid per delivery and this amount can vary depending on a couple of factors.

If the pay from your order is perceived to be low relative to the effort required or the time needed to be spent, riders may be less motivated to accept your assignments.


While you can’t easily tell what the issue is, if you know your location shouldn’t have a problem with having drivers, increasing your Pay by Tipping should make a difference.

One reason this works is the fact that most people don’t tip on Deliveroo, which is uncommon by the global standard of the food delivery industry. So, tipping should serve as bait.

But how much should you tip? Well, you’re free to make your decisions, but tipping a minimum of $4 is usually the standard.

3. Restaurants Issues and Delay

Even though Deliveroo has a good number of privately owned restaurants, which should make things faster, issues of delays in preparing orders, miscommunication between restaurants and the platform, and a number of other problems are still a thing.

Comment on drivers wasting a lot of time on a particular restaurant, as a result not assigning drivers

Obviously, this can lead to riders wasting a lot of time waiting for orders to be prepared, which could discourage them from accepting assignments from these locations in the future as we’ve seen.


Unfortunately, you have no control over the problem of restaurants taking time to prepare orders and you can’t stop drivers from choosing to decline orders from these restaurants.

The best thing to do, however, is to make your delivery worthwhile for drivers. This can be done by tipping them. Most would be willing to take orders from any restaurant as long as the pay is valid.

4. Technical Issues

While not a big player, Technical issues are a thing even on big platforms like Deliveroo.

These issues might include server outages, data transmission errors, or inefficiencies in the order allocation algorithm.

For instance, an error in the GPS functionality could fail to locate nearby riders correctly. Or, a glitch in the backend processing might impede order distribution.


If you’re facing a long delay, try canceling the order and reordering or restarting the app. And if there’s an updated version of the app on Play Store or App Store, make sure to update yours.

This might help in refreshing the system and getting a rider assigned more quicker.

However, note that this might not always work, especially during peak hours or bad weather conditions, as we explained before.

Now, if the problem persists, reach out to Deliveroo’s customer support. They may be able to provide further assistance or explain any possible issues that may be causing the delay

Final Thoughts

While having the Deliveroo app saying “Still assigning a driver” for long hours can be painful, knowing what to do makes things better.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful!

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