Does DoorDash Check Your Insurance?

Does DoorDash Check Your Insurance?

For most driving jobs you can find, insurance is usually a prerequisite. For instance, in the Rideshare industry, it’s a must. On the other hand, there’s not much to say about food delivery companies as policies vary from platform to platform.

Uber Eats is strict, and Grubhub is not really. So what about DoorDash? Do they check your insurance? Well, in this article, we’ll cover this exclusively.

Does DoorDash Check Your Insurance?

One of the requirements on DoorDash is to have a valid auto insurance policy, which would also be required to be provided while signing up for the platform.

This is to ensure that you, as a driver, are compliant with state laws requiring car insurance. More than just a formality, it’s a safety net for you, the company, and your passengers (which, in this case, are delicious meals ready to be delivered).

According to the company, failing to do this, their coverage may not apply to you and most importantly, you may have a hard time signing up.

However, as a driver myself and from what I know, the company doesn’t really make a serious check on this.

Yes, they need you to provide proof of insurance, but it actually does end there.

In reality, the company has no strict process to check for drivers insurance, neither do they check the exact type of insurance you have

Here’s also a Reddit comment about this…

Comment on the fact Doordash doesn't check your insurance

However, regardless of this, special insurance is still very important and needed for Doordash drivers.

Will DoorDash Notify Your Insurance Company that you Dash?

Personally I know a lot of guys in the food delivery industry who do deliveries without insurance. And it is simple — they try to game the system by lying to the insurance companies about dashing, anytime things go wrong.

Perhaps, it works not until you’re a culprit and have to spend thousands of dollars for an accident that could have been averted by a few dollars monthly.

Of course, we know insurance companies won’t take the fact that you dash with a personal auto policy, lightly.

Hence, in an event they can tell you actually dash without letting them know they either drop your policy or tell you to upgrade. Some companies might not even give you these options — they get you dropped instantly.

Here’s someone this happened to (although she was oblivious):

What if DoorDash notifies your insurance company that you dash?

That wouldn’t be good, obviously. However, DoorDash doesn’t notify insurance companies that you work, nor do they have the data to implement this.

But this doesn’t mean, doing the earlier-mentioned scenario is advisable. In fact, that’s something you want to avoid, for several risks of getting caught.

So what are these risks?

Here are some hypothetical ones:

If an accident occurs and witnesses are present, they may inform the police or insurance investigators about your delivery at the time of the accident.

And if you’ve already told the police a different thing, you know what it is ;).

We also know some insurance companies offer programs that use telematics systems to monitor driving behavior for policyholders who opt into these programs (often for lower rates).

Some examples are Geico drive easy, Progressive Snapshot, and the list goes on.

If a DoorDash driver was to participate in such a program, patterns of frequent short trips might suggest a delivery activity to the insurer.

There are just many scenarios out of your reach which can get you caught.

It’s also important to note that you’re joking with Insurance fraud (when you explicitly lie about not delivering), a penalty that could cause a fine.

What’s the Way Out With Insurance On DoorDash?

Basically, have special insurance for your DoorDash. Of course, personal auto insurance can’t be used for business purposes like DoorDash.

This doesn’t mean you should get business insurance or a fully-fledged commercial insurance. That’d work but is not necessary and likely expensive.

There are a number of insurance companies that offer special packages or addon for delivery drivers or rideshare. You can check this in our article on the best insurance for DoorDash drivers.

This would cost an additional few dollars monthly, but it’s usually worth it.

You might also want to call the customer agents of a few insurance companies available to you to get a quote on what their insurance coverage for food delivery drivers looks like.

This will allow you to make an informed decision, considering.

Now, this doesn’t make DoorDash insurance useless. No, they are not. In fact, they’re still a couple of health insurance products from the company that we recommend.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that DoorDash doesn’t actually check drivers’ insurance, it’s up to you to ensure that you have the right coverage, useful in the event of an emergency.

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