Does Doordash Delivery Fee go to Driver?

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Sometimes there are just a number of fees to behold your eyes to when making an order on Doordash. From the estimated tax to the delivery fee, and then you have to tip (to seem like the good guy you are).

And then, you’re left wondering…who do all these fees and extra charges I pay, go to?

Of course, you have the right to know; it’s your money. So in this article, we’ll be talking about whether or not delivery fees on Doordash go to the Driver.

Stick around to find out.

Does the Doordash delivery fee go to Driver?

For many reasons, you might have to come to the conclusion that the delivery fee on Doordash goes directly to the driver.

For instance, perhaps the delivery fee on your billing is usually high…you may want to confirm, to properly decide whether you should be tipping your dashers or not.

Well, the truth about the whole matter is no.

The delivery fee on Doordash doesn’t go directly to the driver, but rather to Doordash themselves. In fact, the amount Doordash drivers earn per delivery is independent of the delivery fee and is rather defined based on a number of factors, such as the distance between your location, the driver’s location and those of the restaurant.

Other things like traffic, time delivery takes and desirability of the order are also put in place as well.

But the truth is, Doordash is a bit sketchy about how all this adds up.

For instance, for a delivery company like Stuart, you can easily tell how much you’d earn per delivery, as a delivery driver, by multiplying the miles you need to run per delivery by the company’s pay-per-mile.

But for Doordash, the claim is…

Base pay from DoorDash to Dashers ranges from $2-$10+ per delivery

How Doordash pay drivers meme: Does Doordash Delivery Fee go to Driver

However, all this both have its cons as well it has its obvious pros.

For instance, by putting only miles into consideration for a dasher’s pay per delivery, it might not be worth it for a delivery that’d be more time-consuming rather than distance-consuming.

E.g. Mc Donald’s orders – where drivers have to go in a queue before getting orders. That’s time-consuming!

Now, how do and how much do drivers earn? Let’s talk about this in the next section

How Doordash Drivers Earn (and Is it Worth it?)

If you’re intending to go into food delivery, whether part-time or full-time, you may want to know whether it’s a good idea in general, at least from what we’ve said so far.

Firstly, let’s talk about what Doordash drivers earn and even how much — I’m a delivery driver myself, so I could say better.

These are two ways a driver can earn on Doordash…

doordash earnings: Does Doordash Delivery Fee go to Driver
  1. Pay per delivery –as we said earlier, Doordash are not paid directly from the delivery fee, but rather a base pay which considers a list of factors which we talked about.
  2. Tips: Next we have tips. This is a common phenomenon in many industries where customers thank their server (in this case, delivery drivers) for a job well done. Tips are more like monetary gifts.

You may want to ask, is this combined together up to the delivery fee shown on a customer billing?

Well, It depends… but is most likely not.

For instance, if you’re lucky to get a delivery where the customer tips really well, in addition to the delivery fee you’re paid, your earnings could be equal if not better than the delivery fee shown.

However, if you don’t get tipped (which is most likely uncommon tbh), you’d still earn fine, but may not be as much as the delivery fee.

Editors note: Doordash drivers are paid on a weekly basis. Specifically, at the Sunday midnight after a week of work.

But definitely, you should be making good money. A lot of drivers are, there’s no doubt you won’t, as long as you do things right.

But then this leads to the next question…Is it worth becoming a Doordash driver?

Definitely, it is. But this question is most likely dependent on the person asking it. In essence, it might not be worth it for one person and would be worth it for some other person.

But this is most likely the same thing for most jobs, right?

So let’s make a difference, by doing some analysis…

  • Flexibility: This is the major reason why most people choose to join Doordash. If you value the flexibility in the game –as you don’t have to keep up to any schedule or have a boss that sends you around or questions you– and you still make your money when it’s payday, it could be worth it
  • The worth of your time: You may want to consider how much your time is worth in your normal job or your series of available job opportunities with that of Doordash. For instance, the average earnings per hour on Doordash is $15.98, so do the maths. However, if Doordash is something you want to be doing part-time, you could probably ignore the worth of your time.
  • Your goals: If you just want to live an average comfortable life like most people do or use Doordash as a part-time job, it is likely worth it. But if you’re wanna be the next Elon Musk, well…

Final Thoughts

While Doordash drivers don’t earn exactly what is said on the delivery fee on a customer bill, they get paid an amount that considers a couple of factors such as the distance exhausted in a delivery, desirability of the order, time taken, etc.

It might not be so impressive, but they could be levelled up further if the driver is opportune to get a good tip from a customer.

So as a customer, it’s not bad paying the extra tips, ya know? ☺️

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