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Regardless of the personal hate for the industry, the food delivery industry still booms in 2023, and based on recent stats and research, the trend is not going down any soon.

Of course, it’s 2023, and we all want flexibility — stay at home or the office, be productive, and have our food delivered to us with just a few taps on our mobile phones.

Good trade.

But as with anything, technology isn’t perfect.

Anything could go wrong — you could get double-charged, get a random debit charge, and most importantly have your order canceled but still get charged (our topic of the day).

Well, let’s take a look at why this happens and what steps to take in a situation like this.

Why Your DoorDash Order Got Canceled But Still Charged

Usually, the issue of getting your order canceled while you get charged happens naturally and could also be resolved easily.

However, there are generally a bunch of reasons why this may happen, requiring action steps. We share them below:

1. The Restaurant

Most times, this is the one reason your order gets canceled.

While most restaurants would always be capable of keeping up with normal customer demands, there would always be anomalies.

They could be too swamped with orders, especially during peak hours. They might run out of a key ingredient or find themselves short-staffed.

And sometimes, it’s just not about keeping up with customer demands. Perhaps, there are technical issues, sudden emergencies, etc.

Generally, in any of these cases, rather than keeping you waiting, they could decline your order even while you were charged before.

What to do:

In this situation, you’ll get an email in a moment, as would as well get a refund.

The time frame when this happens is indefinite but is usually within a few hours. Keep in mind that delays in getting refunds to your bank account are normal, and are a result of the Bank’s processing time.

If you don’t get refunded, you may want to read on to the next section where we share our general tips to approach this situation.

2. Technical Glitches

We’re all a bit at the mercy of technology, aren’t we?

There might be issues with the DoorDash app, or perhaps the restaurant’s system didn’t communicate properly with DoorDash’s platform.

Tech hiccups happen, and it can lead to order cancellations.

What to do:

Firstly, if this had happened as a result of, perhaps, failure to update the app, you’re sure this would also be a problem with subsequent orders.

So the first thing you want to do is to update your app.

(Coming from someone who had an old version of an app almost frustrates his life simply because it was an old version. I don’t joke with updating applications now;)).

That aside, the next thing you want to do is to wait a second to see whether you’d get any email from DoorDash about the issue (followed by a subsequent refund).

If you don’t, you may want to contact DoorDash support about the issue.

3. Network Issue

I’ve personally been a victim of network issues interfering with the payment system.

Likewise, statistically, network issues contribute mostly to most duplicate charges and even to the problem of Double charges on DoorDash.

So there’s no doubt that this could be the reason why you got charged even though your order may have not gone through.

What to do:

Check your payment method. Check your network service. Was the card declined or did the transaction not go through for some reason?

It could be that the order got canceled because the payment didn’t process properly as a result of a network issue.

If this is the case, reporting the issue to DoorDash support is the way to go.

General Tips to get Refunded after getting charged and no order

1. Wait and double check

For issues like this, getting a refund is a no-brainer as you have solid proof to defend yourself in the event you contact DoorDash. So chill, everything is under control.

Advisably, the first thing you want to do is to wait a maximum of 15 minutes to see whether you’d get a notification via email about the issue. This is likely to be the case when the issue is from the restaurant.

The email should provide you with any steps you need to take.

During this time, you also want to keep an eye on your bank account. Double-check your account statement to see if the money bounces back to your account.

Now if you don’t get the email and you also don’t get a reversal, you’d want to take the next step…

2. Contact DoorDash

Basically, you need to contact DoorDash by whatever means you’ve known.

For most people, this is…

  1. Through live chat on their mobile app
  2. The customer support line

However, I’d always like to add social media as an alternative way to contact these companies. Preferably, Twitter.

Basically, Troll them with a post about your issue, and you’d have them coming to your inbox few hours later.

Now, when describing the issue, be as detailed as possible. Mention the order number, restaurant name, the amount charged, and any other relevant information. This helps customer service quickly locate your order and address the issue.

Also, ensure that you request a full refund and mention that you want your refund to be sent directly to your account rather than credits (unless you actually want credits).

3. Make a Credit Card Cashback

If you’ve made repeated attempts to resolve the issue with DoorDash and haven’t received a satisfactory response or refund, you can consider initiating a chargeback with your credit card issuer. This means your credit card company will refund you the amount while they investigate the transaction

Keep in mind that you only want to do this when DoorDash refuses to resolve the issue. Because the moment you do this, chances are you might be blacklisted from the app.

Let us know if it worked for you

Hey there! Thanks for reading thus far.

If any of the above steps works for you, I’d appreciate a notification on my email box, so I can drop them in this article.

If you also have other steps that have worked for you, sharing them would also be helpful for the community.



And there you have it.

The issue of getting your order canceled while being charged is quite common on DoorDash, so you shouldn’t freak out. Advisably follow our steps, and you should have any problem to deal with.

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