What to do if Doordash charged you twice for an Order

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After the lockdown in 2020, Food delivery companies like Doordash has over time become the go-to service for most people on their daily meals.

However, as with any financial transaction, there can be occasional hiccups, such as the company taking a long time to find drivers, getting random Dashpass charges, and even being charged twice for a single order – our topic of today.

In fact, this is gradually becoming something of a concern for customers on Doordash, as there have been several complaints about this.

Well, if you’ve ever had this problem, this article will try to find the X and Y axis of why it happened as well as what you need to do.

Of course, you want to be refunded, right? Stick around.

Reasons why you got Charged twice on Doordash

There’s a wild amount of reasons why you could have gotten charged twice on Doordash.

But then, it’s worth mentioning that Doordash isn’t a fraud company that you’d expect they charge you purposely.

And if they ever do, their reputation would be at stake. Not something a big company at that level would want to risk.

A close scenario where we’ve seen something similar happened is the $9.99 charge complaints.

Aside from this, if you ever get charged twice on Doordash is definitely a result of the following reasons:

Accident Orders

We like to put this first, as this is the most common reason why most people would get charged twice on Doordash. And not just twice, could even result in tallies of extra charges in variations.

So, what do we mean by “Accident orders”?

Well, let’s use this scenario…

Let’s say you’re making an order as you usually do, but had an issue on the way which could be due to a bad internet connection, impatience, or your phone hanging due to a ram shortage.

But this led you to either cancel the order, which you already tapped confirm on (that didn’t go, as you thought). Depending on the situation, if you go back to remake the order, you’re likely to get double-charged.

In the same vein, several situations such as this could have led to the double charge.

For this reason, you could also get a double order, which can make it most likely impossible to get your order refunded.

Found guilty of this reason? Read on to find out what to do about it.

Technical glitches

Even in the most revised tech companies, glitches are inevitable and a common thing in the tech industry. Definitely, Doordash is not an exception.

If you ever get to make an order and are faced with a double charge without any trace as to why it happened, it could be that the company had a technical glitch while you were making your order.

In this case, it’s best you contact Doordash as quickly as possible.

You may also want to wait, as you might likely get the money bounced back to your account after a while.

Unauthorised charges

Don’t forget Doordash has a reorder feature that lets you go back to a previous order and re-order.

While this is a cool feature, it could also be the reason why you got charged twice. Perhaps someone who has access to your account managed to use this feature.

And no, it might not just be a criminal or hacker, it could also be an action by your friend, family member, etc. Hence, it’s important you do well to ask someone who’s around.

If you get a “no” response, it’s best you protect your account instantly, as well as the payment method used. This may include changing your password, temporarily blocking your credit cards, or even securing your email address.

What to do if Doordash charged you twice

Typically, If Doordash is able to confirm that you actually made an order and got charged twice, they’d initiate a refund, as quickly as possible.

However, there are some conditions before this to happen…

  1. Report on time: While this is not an official condition, it’s best you make a move immediately after you get charged twice. This will make the situation less complicated and easily addressed.
  2. You didn’t get an order twice: Make sure to track your orders via the order status on the app, so you can easily tell how many orders you’re expecting. If you’re getting twice the order you made, the double charge has already been used, obviously. You can’t get a refund.

This being said, below are the steps to get refunded if you get charged twice on Doordash:

Verify the double charge:

Before going on to contact Doordash for the double charge, make sure you know where it’s coming from.

Firstly, you may want to know whether you actually got a double charge.

For instance, if a charge or authorization error is detected by your Bank in the event of a processing transaction (in this case, your double order), it could force an immediate reversal that’d reflect a few moments later.

Alongside, as we said earlier, you’d also want to make sure you didn’t get a fraudulent charge from a hacker that got access to your account, as this won’t be Doordash’s fault.

In this case, it’s always best to protect your accounts as quickly as possible.

We’ve seen all these happen severally. So it’s best to do your checks before confronting Doordash

Gather relevant information:

If you got the double charge with no trace as to why it happened, no double order, and no chargeback, the next step you’d want to take would be to gather evidence that you can use to confront Doordash.

This may include:

  1. A screenshot of your recent Doordash orders on the app.
  2. A screenshot of the two charges in one short, showing the two charges, etc.
  3. Your Doordash email address, as they might want to do the checking themselves.

Contact DoorDash Customer Support:

Now, to the nitty-gritty… contact them.

There are several ways you can do this, which include through the live chat feature on the app, through their email or even their support line.

Provide them with the relevant information about the double charge and ask for their assistance in resolving the issue and keep a record of your communication for future reference.

If they’re able to confirm this glitch, they’d get the double charge refunded.


We understand the feeling of randomly getting charged twice for a single order, especially when you’re trying to avoid excessive fees on the platform. However, by doing proper due diligence on the charge, and contacting Doordash, you should get the whole problem solved.

Hopefully, this article helps you out!

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