Doordash DUI Policy Explained Comprehensively

Doordash DUI Policy Explained Comprehensively

For most jobs that require employees to have cars, there are usually strict processes that go into what the user driver’s history may look like. This is also common in the car rental and car-sharing industry.

And the idea is simple – with more responsible drivers (as perceived), the lesser the possibilities of casualties and possible accidents.

But what if you’re unlucky to get one, what can you do? what’s DoorDash’s policy on DUI? In this guide, we’ll take a look at this exclusively.

A Brief on DoorDash Background Checks

Joining DoorDash, there are two stages you need to go through — meeting the requirements and qualifying for the background check.

The requirement is straightforward and includes:

  1. Having a valid Drivers license
  2. Be at least 18 years
  3. Have a mobile phone
  4. Meet your state driving requirements

However, the difficulty comes with the background check, as there are a number of things to keep in mind and qualify for.

So what are these things?

Firstly, the check is being run by a third-party company known as Checkr, a behemoth in the background-checking industry.

They do this with the provision of your driver’s license, social security number, and a number of other personal information.

Now, the background check looks at two major things. Criminal records and motor vehicle reports.

Criminal history checks look for serious offenses, including but not limited to violent crimes, sexual offenses, or theft.

On the other hand, the driving record evaluation ensures that the applicant has not been involved in a significant number of accidents, and does not have recent convictions for serious traffic offenses, which likely include DUI.

So does the background check includes DUI? Let’s talk about this properly in the next section

Understanding Doordash DUI Policy

Firstly, the answer to whether DoorDash background checks include a DUI check or not is not definitive, as DoorDash has no note on this, formally.

However, most likely, the company does check, as DUI is one of the tickets that is often considered a serious offense in the context of driving.

Having a DUI on record could be indicative of irresponsible driving behavior, and as such, it would likely be of concern to DoorDash.

This brings us to the next question. Can you do DoorDash with a DUI?

Well, there’s also not a yes or no answer to this question.

We’ve seen people get approved with a DUI ticket and others never get approval even with a long-time DUI.

For instance…

People that got on doordash with dui
A snapshot of Reddit comments section on people who got approved with a DUI

And yet another…

People that got on doordash with dui
Another snapshot of Reddit comments section on people who got approved with a DUI

But then…

man disapproved for doordash due to dui

So, is it just luck?

Not necessarily. But one thing is sure…DoorDash doesn’t explicitly decline you for having a DUI ticket.

But is this a guarantee? Also not. DUI is naturally a strict traffic offense, classified as a class “C” misdemeanor. Not taken lightly by most employers of labor. Getting declined by DoorDash for a DUI shouldn’t come off as a surprise.

In the next section, we’d take a look at factors that influence the inconsistency relating to DoorDash’s DUI policy.

Factors that may affect your Approval of DoorDash

As we’ve explained, we’ve seen people that got accepted with flaws and others declined for a relatively lesser issue. So what plays out here?

Honestly, no one can tell. This is at the discretion of Doordash.

However, there are a few factors we’ve seen that may have a role to play. Let’s take a look at them:

How far Back Your DUI offense is

While not necessarily official from DoorDash, the widely known length in which DoorDash background check goes is 7 years.

This makes matters better if your DUI ticket has been a long time, more than 7 years.

If not, it may be a cause for worry.

But this is it…

There’s actually no exact timeline of how far back a background check will go. It majorly depends on the state law of the driver’s location and what DoorDash chooses to go with it.

As far as we know, there’s no official note from DoorDash.

However, as with most states, 7 years is the standard and for some, it’s nothing less than 10 years. There are also states with 5 years look back periods.

Generally, the lesser the look-back periods, the better your chances of getting on the platform.

This is because a further offense is a much lesser risk, especially when you have clean recent records.

Also, if you’re lucky to have your DUI above the look-back period of your state, DoorDash won’t even see your DUI ticket to begin with.

But how can you know the look-back periods in a state?

Usually, you should find answers on Google.

But if not, it would be advisable to consult your state’s motor vehicle department website, the state’s legal code, or speak with an attorney who specializes in DUI law in that jurisdiction.

Other Penalties

There are many factors that contribute to whether your background check would be a success or not.

The presence of a DUI ticket is one, but that’s one in a dozen.

As far as we know, your general background overview is what actually determines whether you get approved and not whether you have a DUI ticket.

Remember, as we explained earlier, a DUI ticket can also be overlooked depending on how far back it was gotten.

In other words, have a generally clean driving record and you should have a better chance of getting into the platform even with a DUI.

Your Mode of Delivery

Depending on a number of factors, you could be allowed to dash even with a DUI.

This could be applicable when you’re using a vehicle that doesn’t require a driver’s license in your state. Some common examples are bicycles, scooters, and even walking (yes, walking could also be a mode of delivery).

The Competition in Your Location

A theory by us, but yes, it could also be a factor.

It’s just common to think that a company would always love to accept the relative best employees in every recruitment.

If the majority of applications are better than your overall application stats (from their perspective), there could be fewer chances of you getting approved. But if the reverse is the case, you may get approved.

Here’s also someone that thinks like me…

Comment on someone getting approved with a dui

Final Thoughts

If you have a DUI, instead of having to worry about whether or not you’d be getting approved for it, it’s best to see things for yourself and apply. They’re a lot of checkings that go on behind the scenes. Who knows? They may just be favorable to you.

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