Doordash Tip after delivery removed? Here’s what you need to know

Doordash Tip after delivery removed? Here's what you need to know

We’ve got a lot of related questions from our email subscribers regarding Doordash tips and what happens after a successful delivery with or without a tip.

Here’s where we try to break things down as much as possible.

So, stick with me if this is something you’re interested in.

Understanding Doordash Tipping Policy

Before we go, let’s clear the air for some set of readers. You can navigate here to get straight to the point.

Tipping on Doordash is typically the most flexible service.

Here’s why…

Doordash lets customers Tip drivers during checkout, during the delivery (when a driver has accepted your order) and even after the delivery is successfully covered, with a 30 days frame.

Editors note: While these are all important, the most used and advisable is to Tip during checkout, for convenience and most importantly, to get your order accepted fastly. Because we can’t deny the fact that orders with good tips are usually a big bait for drivers (we don’t sponsor this though).

And while the official tipping model is through the app, the company also openly permits cash tips.

In fact, it makes no difference to Doordash, as a dasher would normally get 100% of the tips earned.

It’s worth mentioning that if you don’t tip right as a customer, and you eventually decide to adjust, you have no option of changing the tip unless you contact the company through their support team. This can be done either by the live support on the app, or through the company’s support line.

But again, you can tip before, during and after delivery.

Hence, it’s important to note that if you ever have a problem tipping after delivery, it’s a problem with your account. You could either contact the support team to get it fixed or Tip in cash. This is totally acceptable.

All this being said, now to the nitty-gritty…

Doordash Tip after delivery removed: Is this Possible?

Now what if, as a dasher, you accepted an order which you thought was profitable, but after you got it delivered, your profit isn’t as expected?

Maybe you couldn’t find any Tip in the order (of course, you can only check the Tip you earn from an order after the delivery) or you’re just someone new to Doordash and wants to know how these things work.

Here’s what we have to say…

Firstly, Doordash can’t remove your Tip, nor do they take a share. The company gives dashers 100% of the tip they earn for any delivery.

So what’s the problem here? Or is it possible for a customer to remove or change a tip after delivery (also known as Tip baiting)?

While Tip baiting is a thing in some food delivery companies, it isn’t possible on Doordash.

As we said earlier, once a tip is made on Doordash, it can’t be adjusted, unless the customer makes a serious appeal to Doordash, which is very unlikely to happen.

Lastly, as we all know, Tipping is totally optional on the platform.

This means it’s still possible to find orders without tips. So who knows? Maybe the tip you think Doordash removed might have not been there before.

The bad part about this is that, as a driver, you can’t tell whether a customer Tips you or not.

You’ll only be shown the total earnings from the delivery, which covers the base pay and tip (if there is one).

We’ve seen most newbie dashers fall into the trap of thinking they’ll get their Tip aside from the total earnings of a delivery. Hence, they get disappointed when they don’t.

The only exception to this would be when you get a hidden tip, otherwise, your total earnings cover your base pay and any Tips earned.

This being said, how do you know when you get a Tip on delivery or even how much?

Well, it’s left for you to make a rough calculation. This can be done if you can approximate the base pay of the distance you’re covering, subtracted from the offer you got. The difference is the tip.

However, personally, as a driver myself, what I like to do is to avoid most of the stress of doing serious calculations on tips, etc, and just go for orders that are worth my time, and expenses and would give me profit.

This can easily be calculated by the earnings per mile I’d get for the delivery.

You might also want to put the time you’d spend in a restaurant into your factor.

For instance, you’ll spend more time on a McDonald’s delivery compared to a delivery from a premium restaurant or just some other restaurant that isn’t always flooded like McDonald’s.


There’s typically no fraud in Tipping, whether Doordash or customer.

However, as with most people, the reason why you may feel this way could be because you thought Tips are being paid separately from the total earnings. However, this is not the case.

Hope you find this article helpful!

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