3 DoorDash Unauthorized Charges in 2024 You Need to Know

3 DoorDash Unauthorized Charges in 2024 You Need to Know

Food delivery is crazy expensive, relatively. That’s not a “today” argument.

The delivery fee, service fee, and a bunch of other fees we have to pay are already overwhelming.

Now, it can only get worse when you have weird charges coming up on your credit card.

This article will explain why this happens, how they do and how to avoid them.

List of Doordash Unauthorized Charges

A lot of things could lead to the issue of unauthorized or undeserved charges hitting your credit card, spanning from a problem on your end to the company’s, and even a third party.

This could also mean that the list of these charges may not be exhaustive.

For this article, we talk about the 3 main unauthorized charges we’ve come across on DoorDash and how you can avoid them.


This is a big one on the DoorDash platform and there have been a series of complaints about it, all to no serious avail or change by the company.

For instance…

Complaints on Dashpass unathorised charges

And another…

A redditor comments about how he gets charged even though never subscribed to the platform

There are countless complaints about this that we now have a dedicated article for this…

You see, Dashpass is a regular service on DoorDash that allows customers to avoid delivery fees and a reduced service fee in exchange for a monthly fee of $9.99.

The problem now is how some people get this charge even when they were never subscribed, they had subscribed but eventually canceled, and even deactivated but still get charged.

Funny times, right? Yeah, it happens and I still can’t fathom how a sane publicly recognized company gets away with this.

Anyway, we explained how to get a refund for this fee if you’re ever unfortunate to have this hit your credit card.

Accidental Charges

Accidental charges are charges that may have resulted from a user’s end or the network’s end.

Technically, it’s not the fault of both DoorDash and you.

These are things that just happen as a result of inevitable tech failures.

This is usually the reason behind issues or complaints like duplicate charges (getting charged twice for a single order), ghost orders (a situation where you get charged, but your order was not complete), etc.

Accidental charges are usually a consequence of a bad network, processing glitch or service downtime.

For instance, say you were trying to make a payment and in the process of tapping the “Place order,” you had a network issue that made the app glitch, leaving you to reopen the app and re-place the order.

This is one of the common situations for duplicate charges.

Funnily enough, duplicate charges usually lead to duplicate orders, and if they don’t, the duplicate charge could have resulted from either a malfunction from DoorDash’s end or a technical error from your bank.

Either way, if you ever get a ghost charge, duplicate charge without a duplicate order, etc, you can always get refunded by contacting DoorDash customer care.

This can be through any one of their channel – social media pages, phone number, email address (help@doordash.com), or live chat service.

However, my favorite approach to refunds is by making a compelling tweet on X (formerly Twitter) and tagging the company involved (in this case, DoorDash).

Here’s what it looks like…

An illustration of using tweeter to make request for refunds

Surprised DoorDash Orders

Imagine a situation where you wake up a day, and have your day going as usual, just to get a notification from your bank about a DoorDash order you never made.

This is what getting a surprised DoorDash order looks like.

Note that this order doesn’t get to you. You only get the debit alert and that’s all.

What to do?

Well, unauthorized access to your credit card or your payment method is usually the culprit here.

Hence, you want to double-check who has access to your card, the permission, and the possibility of unauthorized access (perhaps, by a hacker).

Here, going to the bank is the way to go.

One Thing to Know About Unauthorised Charges

Not all unauthorized charges would be due to you or DoorDash’s end.

In fact, it may just be more than that, perhaps, a third party.

For instance, there’s a recent development by scammers to using popular subscription services as description when they fraudulently charge a card after gaining access to it.

Services like “YouTube Premium,” “Netflix Subscription” and “Dashpass” are often impersonated.

For a normal Joe, this may be impossible to tell and you could end up blaming DoorDash if this happens with the platform.

So always keep this in mind.

But how do you tell the difference?

Well, here are 3 steps:

  1. Verify Subscriptions: If you see a charge for a service you recognize but are not subscribed to, it could be a red flag.
  2. Different Prices: In a situation where you’re subscribed to the service, crosscheck the price charged to see if it correlates with what you’ve been paying in the past.
  3. Contact Your Bank: In a situation where you’re unsure, your last resort would be to contact your Bank. They should be able to check, properly, what went wrong.

Final Thoughts

Unauthorized charges can put you off balance, make you not want to transact with a company, etc. However, if you understand how it works, you shouldn’t have a problem transacting with DoorDash.

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