How to Increase Tip on Doordash after Delivery

How to Increase Tip on Doordash after Delivery

Like every other day, let’s say you made an order on Doordash and after the delivery, you were satisfied with the service –maybe he followed your instructions, was on time or you were just in a good mood– there are several ways you can increase his tips.

If this something you’d be interested in, stick with me.

How to increase tip on Doordash after delivery

If you’ve been ordering on Doordash for a while, you sure know that the company is collected when it comes to its tipping policy.

For instance, you can’t change your tip, normally, after you’ve made them. This is specifically done to reduce the rate of tip baiting (common in several food delivery companies).

And we also know that tips on Doordash go 100% to drivers.

So what do we do when we want to appreciate a driver by increasing their tip after a delivery?

Well, these are three practical ways this can be achieved:

Tip twice

While there’s no option on Doordash to increase tips, customers are allowed to tip as much as they want to. This means, if you’ve tipped before, you still have the option to tip again.

Now, the question is “when?”

As we’ve always explained, Doordash allows customers to before, during, and after delivery.

Hence, if you tip after making an order but decided to increase it, you could still add another tip after the delivery.

All you have to do is to navigate to the progress screen of your order and you would find a section that says “add tip” like in the image below. Tap on it, and put in the figures you want to tip.

tipping after delivery on doordash

Editors note: For tipping after delivery, you have a maximum of 30 days to do this after the delivery is completed.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that when you tip after checkout of your order, you’ll notice a refund from Doordash for the prior total order, followed by a new debit for the previous order and the new tip.

The whole idea, however, is that you’re able to increase your tip.

Update: There have been several complaints about how the option to tip Dashers after delivery doesn’t work. Perhaps this is a bug from DoorDash – we’re looking forward to seeing how this can be fixed.

complaint on how tippnig after delivery isn't working

In the meantime, if you still experience this issue, try contacting customer support or tip in cash, as explained in the following section.

Tip in cash

Kind of the oldest way of tipping people, but cash does work on Doordash.

And for some reason, most drivers, (as a driver myself) would prefer this option.

For instance, Drivers won’t have to pay tax on cash tips.

This is because tips alongside a dasher’s normal income are usually taxed. But with a cash tip, it’s typically under the table.

There have also been rumors that deliveries with higher tips are likely to get a lower base pay. While Doordash debunks this, there’s no smoke without a fire.

Lastly, cash tips are instant.

Editors note: There’s no tedious process for tipping in cash. All you have to do is to give the driver cash. If you intend to do this earlier enough, you could also make a note say8ing “cash tip” in your instruction.

However, if you feel cash isn’t the best way for you –maybe you don’t always have cash, or you’re not just the type of person that likes giving people money hand-to-hand (e.g. me), there are other ways that work.

The next section shows just that…

Contact customer support

The two aforementioned ways should work properly for most people.

However, if you want to try something else, or maybe smooth, Doordash has a customer support team that’d attend to you, if you have an appeal to increase a driver’s tip.

As long as you actually want to increase your tip, you should get your request approved in no time.

This also works for customers who intend to reduce their tips, but the complexity is much higher, as you’d be required to provide some serious reasons as well as evidence to show for it. This is done to reduce the rate of tip baiting, common in several other food delivery companies.

Is increasing your Tip after a good idea on Doordash?

Definitely, yes, but it’s more of a personal decision.

Do you want to appreciate a driver for following your instructions, arriving on time, or being helpful, tipping after the delivery worthwhile?

In fact, we’ve seen people who intentionally divide their tips into before and after delivery.

They tip before to get drivers, accept and deliver their orders faster —one reason why it’s important to tip before— and tip after to appreciate drivers.

This works well in two situations:

  1. When you have a lot of instructions needed to be followed: You don’t want to tip a driver everything at first and they end up failing to follow your instruction. That might be a loss-loss for you.
  2. When you intend tipping really well: For some reason, Doordash does hide tips from drivers when it gets to some extent (High-end tip), only to be shown after the delivery. In this case, the tip won’t necessarily serve its purpose of getting your order accepted fast, so it may be better if you divide it yourself earlier.


Formally, tipping after a delivery used to be a big deal, but not until Doordash changed it recently, allowing customers to add tips more than once – one way to increase a tip after a delivery.

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