Uber Eats Dui Policy Explained (and What People Do)

Uber Eats Dui Policy Explained (and What People Do)

When it comes to gig work, like driving for Uber Eats, ignorance isn’t bliss. Not knowing the rules can cost you your job — the reason we have a lot of articles on the company’s policy.

One rule that’s particularly critical is Uber Eats’ policy on DUIs.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the company’s policy and every related question you could have in mind.

Understanding Uber Eats DUI Policy

If you ask me, Uber Eats has the most strict policy among other delivery companies, when it comes to accepting drivers.

And it “might” just be worse with a policy regarding DUI.

But let’s take a look at this properly. Can you do Uber Eats with a DUI?

Most likely not, unless you go with a vehicle that doesn’t require a motor vehicle report.

Just like most delivery platforms, Uber Eats doesn’t accept drivers with any major offences on their driver’s report. This includes anything like a DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, etc.

For DUI, it’s even more severe, as the company has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use on daily deliveries, not to mention getting a DUI.

The key point here, however, is “on their driver’s report.”

Uber Eats would only be able to decline a driver with a DUI when they can actively find the DUI offence on their driver’s report. If they can’t find one, even when you’ve had one, you could be approved.


Uber Eats doesn’t have a time limit or look-back period of how far it goes checking drivers’ reports for offences, contrary to what’s on most blogs. The company is only limited by what the state of application permits.

This is because most states usually have official time limits (a couple of years), to which traffic offences like DUI are pushed down.

For some states, this could be 5 years or 10 years and some can also be the 7 years usually talked about.

7 years is only generally recognized because it’s popular across more states.

In other words, if your DUI is not recent, you’d want to compare what your state’s look-back period is and when you got your most recent DUI.

Now while the chances of a DUI convict being able to drive for Uber Eats are low, they are not impossible. We’ll talk about this in the third section of this article.

Before that…

Can you get Removed for a recent DUI even while already on Uber Eats?

Firstly, you won’t be removed instantly. You’ll still be able to drive till Uber Eats does its next background check.

Yes, background checks on most food delivery companies are done repeatedly, every year after your application.

Keep in mind this may be done without your written consent or permission.

And this repeats itself forever, as long as you’re with them.

Unfortunately, the moment they notice a DUI, you’ll get deactivated.

If you’ve gotten a recent DUI it could be better if you take your chances and look for other job opportunities — not in the food delivery industry as it’s going to be a miracle to get a job in this industry with a recent DUI.

However, if you’d still be interested, get a bike or consider other factors that can influence your approval with a DUI…

Factors that may affect your Approval with a DUI on Uber Eats

Here are some factors that could be determining whether you’d be getting a “nay” and “aye” from Uber Eats with a DUI.

Your Vehicle Type (What People Do)

You see, there are basically 4 vehicle types on Uber Eats…

  1. Bicycle
  2. Scooter
  3. Motorcycle
  4. Cars

But not all these options require a motor vehicle report.

For instance, in most states, you don’t need a driver’s license to drive bicycles and scooters commercially. In other words, you won’t need them on food delivery.

This is the reason we always advise people to go for bike delivery after getting a DUI or any serious offence. You could also switch to these if you’re already on the platform with a car, as Uber Eats supports that.

In fact, there’s a trick most people use with this.

They make it known to Uber Eats that they’re to only deliver using a vehicle that doesn’t require a motor vehicle report. After doing this, they go back to using cars.

This works fine, as Uber Eats would never check the vehicle or car you use for delivery. They’re fine with whatever you tell them and as long as you meet their requirements.

However, I don’t necessarily recommend it.

Firstly, it’s not ethical and may come with some risk.

Secondly, you’d be treated with whatever vehicle type you register with (in this case, a motorcycle).

This is because all vehicles have a delivery priority.

Bicycles may be given more deliveries in locations with high traffic and shorter distance while motorcycles would have priority in crowded areas but longer distances. It could also vary depending on some other factors.

Using a car in this situation might sometimes give you unfavourable deliveries for your actual vehicle type.

But then, it’s better than nothing.

So what’s better?

Just opt into actually using any vehicle type other than cars that don’t require a motor vehicle report.

Your Location

It’s not a new thing that the higher the competition in a job market, the more companies raises their standard. The goal? is to pick the best of employees.

This may also be applicable here.

If the competition in your location is not as high as in most places, you could have a chance to be considered.

Comment on someone getting approved with a dui
Yes, it’s possible

How far your DUI is

If Uber Eats was to consider DUI applicant for a second, as we explained in the last factor, this would be very important.

Generally, the more recent your DUI, the harder it is to get into a driving-related industry.

You always want your DUI to be as far as possible if you want to be considered for approval.


DUI is generally treated as a strict offence, and it can only get worse in a food delivery company where you’re expected to drive.

Regardless, it’s still best to make your application and if possible, go with a vehicle that doesn’t require a motor vehicle report.

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