7 Ubereats Refund Tricks and Tips Most People Don’t Know

7 Ubereats Refund Tricks and Tips Most People Don't Know

Maybe your driver missed an item, or perhaps something wasn’t up to par. Regardless of the reason, you may have thought of making refunds, because of course, Uber Eats offers this service.

However, for most people, this can be strenuous, risky (to their account), or just don’t know how to do it right.

If you’re wondering how to get that refund or make things right, you’re in the right place.

Here are seven expert tips to ensure your refund process is as smooth as ordering your favorite meal.

Ubereats Refund Trick and Tips to Keep in Mind

Without much ado, let’s get started:

You can’t dupe the company

Alright, let’s be real for once. I’m pretty assured the majority of people reading this article came with the intent to get a sort of hack for refunds against Uber Eats.

Is that possible? Not a bit.

The only way to keep getting refunds for orders is to keep making refund requests.

While you can do this for some time and be successful, you’d eventually be blacklisted from making refunds entirely. Not something a normal person would want to experience.

Imagine, having an order damaged entirely and not being able to make a refund?!

a note of refund blacklist on uber eats
Notification of a refund blacklist on Uber Eats

That’s what it feels like when you’re blacklisted from making refunds

Ironically, for the few times you try, Uber Eats will refund you.

They may be able to tell you’re a fraud but will keep paying, especially if you have a good order history with them, only to cut you off eventually when you get to the refund limit (or something I call a grace period).

This grace period would vary based on Users and their order history.

For instance, a new user can instantly get banned for making two refund requests in a row, if they seem fraudy.

On the other hand, this may not be the case for someone who’s been an old customer and barely makes a refund or a norm.

Now, if you’re fine with this, keep reading where we discuss other tips to get your refund request successful, know what it entails, and avoid it.

The earlier the better

If you have a problem with a delivery made to you, yes Uber Eats, does make refunds.

However, “when” you make them can play a huge role in determining whether your request will be successful or not.

Generally, the earlier the better.

Uber Eats also confirms this on their page on refunds, as shown here…

Uber Eats Refund policy regarding to early refund request

And you actually can’t blame them since the whole system is done to reduce the number of fraudulent order requests.

For instance, assuming you’re not being honest about a refund request, the more time you have after an order is delivered, the better-forged proofs or stories you could come up with.

Make your complaint straightforward

When reporting an issue, make sure to be as specific as possible. Did the food arrive cold? Mention it. Was an item missing? List it down.

The more accurate you are, the smoother the process.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explain yourself. Please, do – it’s also important, especially when the reason for the refund is vague.

But if you can, re-read your complaint, and make sure it’s readable and understandable.

Use Multiple Channels

If you’re not getting much help through traditional routes, consider reaching out via social media.

I can’t count how many times I’ve struggled to contact a company, only to go on Twitter (now X), rant a little, and get a response within a few hours.

using multiple channel to request refund – Uber eats refund tricks
An example of what using multiple channels to make refunds look like

Generally, companies often respond quickly to public queries or complaints, and UberEats is no exception.

Tweeting at them or sending a direct message on platforms like Twitter could yield a quicker resolution.

Understand Uber Eats Policy

While Uber Eats does issue refunds, there are policies that govern the way it is made.

Obviously, it involves money, so why not?

Side note: We made a detailed guide approaching Uber Eats refund policy in detail.

Firstly, Uber Eats refunds can be made in two ways:

  1. In credits (usually $5)
  2. Full refunds – can be made to either your bank account or in credits as well, depending on the situation.

While full refunds are rare, it’s not uncanny to get one, especially in extreme situations that prompt refunds. This includes situations of an order never arriving, accidental double charges , and totally incorrect orders.

On the other hand, you may be more considered for a partial refund in credits for late delivery, food delivered cold, and other minor issues like a drink flavor, customer instructions not getting honored by the driver, etc.

Avoid being Blacklisted

Refund blacklists are real and very common on Uber Eats.

While this is actually done to ensure fraudulent refund request stays low, algorithms are not always right, and could even pick up the most honest refund request and blacklist them.

Yes, so what can you do to avoid being a victim to this?

Here are our 6 tips:

  1. Always make refund requests earlier, as we said earlier
  2. Have a good order history – don’t be a new customer and start making tallies of refund requests.
  3. Provide enough proof even when not asked for each request you make
  4. Avoid making a couple of refund requests in a role.
  5. If a restaurant consistently delivers wrong orders, try avoiding them, rather than sticking to them and continuously making refund requests. This can only be fishy to Uber Eats.
  6. Only make refund requests when it is right and the issue is a big deal (my personal opinion).

Always Take Photos

Before a request is successful, the company makes a series of investigations, and the timeline for this can vary.

For instance, the timeline for Uber Eats to determine a complaint for degraded food quality might just be much more than a “delivery not arrived” complaint.

Now, one way you can hasten this process is to have sufficient proof to accompany your claim.

This can be done by taking photos, and videos, to support your claim, even when you’re not asked to.

This is also not limited to photos, but also includes screenshots, and whatever could help prove you’re right.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it!

Making refund requests on Uber Eats is actually easy just as with most food delivery companies. However, for a company like Uber Eats you need to be careful about how you do them to avoid being blacklisted.

Hope you find the tips helpful!

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