What to do While Waiting For DoorDash Orders

What to do While Waiting For DoorDash Orders

There’d always be times between delivery when you have a space or time to yourself. But what do you do during these times?

Does DoorDash require you to do something to get new orders? Or can you just do whatever you want? And speaking of whatever, what are some ideas?

Well, there are just a lot of questions that come to mind when you talk about what to do when waiting for orders on the platform. This article will talk extensively about them.

What to do While Waiting For DoorDash Orders

To clear the air, there’s no one size fit on what to do.

However, to make sure you’re on the right track, here are 3 things we recommend.

Keep check on your phone

As a driver, and if you’re on schedule during the period, you’re expected to constantly get notifications during intervals. .

Notifications from DoorDash would be coming in and you don’t want to miss anyone – as you can’t tell when you’d be getting a gold mine. So, always keep your phone in check

Personally, I also always like to make light exercises while having my phone in check.

These exercises are usually arm and shoulder stretches, leg lifts, or neck rolls. I could also do a short workout or yoga session if I’m somewhere with more space

I do this to stretch out my muscles and stimulate blood circulation as recommended by Doctors, as sitting for extended periods can lead to muscular imbalances, and tightness, which is not all that good.

Move to a Hotspot

Now if your reason for this question is because you’re waiting tirelessly for orders, it’d be advisable to do what get orders.

This includes moving around if you’re already in a Hotspot or going to a nearby Hotspot, if you’re not currently in one.

Note that Hotspots in this reference don’t necessarily mean what the app recommends, but could also be a location you always find busy, personally.

Editors note: Creating your personal Hotspot is all about finding locations that work for you. In essence, a location that always gives you consistent orders, regardless of what the app says. For most people, this is usually a parking slot, a place crowded with a lot of restaurants, etc.

Do Whatever

One of the reasons DoorDash and food delivery companies in general are being hailed is due to their flexibility. In essence, you’re not limited on what to do while waiting for orders.

Itg could be anything from choosing to have a break, taking your lunch, getting back home, watching Netflix, or just about anything you can think of, depending on your hubby.

For someone who wants to keep their mind in check, listening to podcasts and audiobooks does the magic. While others might find scrolling through Instagram, better.

Regardless, keep in mind that you’d have little time for any of these before your next order comes in unless you want to take an official break. And that’s also fine by DoorDash.

Do You Have to Drive Around to Get DoorDash Orders?

The simple answer is no.

While it might feel more productive to drive around than wait in one spot, you don’t necessarily need to.

Doordash doesn’t work like the traditional taxi services where drivers roam the streets to get customers.

In fact, you could stay in a stable location and still get orders than someone who moves around if you know what you’re doing.

Comment from DoorDash drivers who get orders by staying in a location
Drivers comment on having to drive around to get orders

So how is it even possible?

Well, the key is to know your location.

Firstly, DoorDash tries to help matters with the introduction of Hotspots.

Driving to a Hotspot and waiting, without necessarily moving, can help you increase your order requests.

This is because Hotspot locations are usually relatively busier.

However, this is not a rule for all, as there are situations you may not get orders from them.

This is where the importance of creating your own Hotspots comes in.

As time goes on and as you get more experience on the app, you might notice locations with more frequent orders than others. Always take note of these locations, as they could make up good ‘personal hotspots.’

Editors note: Good hotspots are usually locations closer to a restaurant, or even better, a group of restaurants. But to get your own personal hotspots, you generally need to experiment by trying out these locations

Final Thoughts

DoorDash offers the flexibility of doing whatever you choose while waiting for orders.

Hence, you can do anything from moving to a Hotspot location, taking lunch, scrolling through the internet, taking a few exercises, or having a rest. It’s up to you.

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