Does Deliveroo Give You a Bike? Here’s how

Does Deliveroo Give You a Bike? Here's how

Probably, you’ve been eying the Delivery business scheme – you see people daily drive with their bikes and off to deliver goods for customers, etc.

And you’re like “You know what, I’m getting into this business.”

But then, how do they get those bikes? Were they given by Deliveroo?

Stick around to find out.

Does Deliveroo Give you a bike?

It’s easy to assume that Deliveroo drivers are being given the bikes they drive.

For one thing, unlike other delivery platforms like Doordash where there’s a share amount of drivers that use Cars, and other types of vehicles, the majority of Deliveroo drivers use bikes.

In addition, the bikes are always new (this will vary based on location though).

But how true is this claim?

Well, No. Deliveroo doesn’t give drivers bikes, nor do they give any other vehicle. In fact, no delivery company does this.

Deliveroo, however, offers a rental option, which allows you to rent vehicles from partners they partner with.

In other words, with this, you can rent a bike from their partner and use it for work for the “contract” you sign with them while paying upfront. The whole thing is more like a normal rental, for instance, a home rental.

But this time, Deliveroo as well as its partner, know about your intention to use the rental vehicle for deliveries.

So what makes this different from just having to rent from a generic vendor?

  • It’s dedicated to delivery drivers
  • Less expensive, as advertised by Deliveroo
  • Vehicles offered are Electric powered, hence you won’t need to worry about fuels, etc.
  • They come with food delivery insurance

Lastly, you might still need to do some maths yourself to see if it’s worth it, especially in a situation where you have several options.

Understanding Deliveroo rental option

As we said earlier, Deliveroo offers rental options for Drivers who cannot yet afford a Bike. But what do you need to know about this service, and how much does it cost?

Well, below are things you need to know.


Just like every rental program or business (for instance, car rentals), you’re required to pay a Deposit. This is usually a rough estimate of the rental fee or *2 of the rental fee.

However, for Deliveroo’s program, there’s a fixed amount depending on the partner. This is refundable, though, as long as you return the car back in its normal shape as they were given.

This shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re not careful enough.

And yes, the program has a couple of partners.

But before we list out these partners, it’s worth mentioning that the program only offers two types of vehicles:

  1. Electric Scooters and
  2. Electric Bikes

Brands Partnered with


Now, if you want to know the list of companies Deliveroo partners, alongside any cons, let’s talk about them here.

Otto Scooter

This is the first Brand we have here…

Otto Scooter: Scooter rental company that partners with deliveroo rental program

As we said earlier, the rental program only offers two types of vehicles (bikes and scooters).

For Electric scooters, Otto Scooter is the only brand partnered with Deliveroo for this niche.

Here’s a table that makes an overview of it:

Average Cost (Per week)£79 per week
Food Delivery InsuranceYes
Minimum rental period1 Month
DepositYes ($200)
AssistanceFree Servicing and Battery Swap

While the price is justifiable with the several pros it has to offer, the minimum rental period is a disadvantage, as that’s too much time to invest in something you might just be testing.

All in all, it’s a good bet. Of course, Otto Scooter is a trusted brand.

ETT Rental

If you’re trying to give the bike rental industry a try, you might want to go with something that has less commitment like 1 month.

For Deliveroo, ETT rental is a good option generally.

Average Cost£80
Food Delivery InsuranceNone
Minimum rental period3 days
DepositYes ($250)
AssistanceBattery Swap

For the best value, we still recommend Otto. The only advantage Ett rental has is its short contract.


For a cheaper option, Zoomo is the clear winner.

However, there’s a caveat; it has a starter fee of $50. Aside from that, there are no extra assistance on the platform.

So here’s the overview of the platform:

Average Cost£34.99
Food Delivery InsuranceNone
Minimum rental period1 Week
DepositYes ($100)

Becoming a Deliveroo Driver

Joining Deliveroo as a driver is typically an easy process, as long as you satisfy the requirements of the company. This includes:

  • Be up to 18 years of age
  • A document showing proof of your right to work in the UK. This may be as little as a passport to a National identity card.
  • A UK bank account
  • A Smartphone – Minimum of 6.0 for Android and iOS 13.6 for iPhones.
  • A vehicle (in your name or rental, as we’ve explained above).
  • A Valid Drivers License

This being satisfied, all you have to do is to create an account with the platform and fill in the necessary details. This may include some of the requirements listed above.

Afterwards, Deliveroo would need to perform a background check on you. This will go as long as checking for any criminal activity and the intensity, as well as any significant ticket or penalty you may have.

If you’re confused about the whole process, here’s a video we recommend.

Once you’re approved, you can start accepting delivery requests through the app


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