How to Dispute Doordash Rating: 4 Steps to Take

How to Dispute Doordash Rating: 4 Steps to Take

Maintaining good ratings on DoorDash, as a driver, is very important.

For one reason, it’s one of the gateways to getting into the two big programs on the platform, the Top Dasher and early Access Schedule.

But aside from that, a low customer rating (anything below an average of 4.2) can get you deactivated from DoorDash. Nobody wants this, obviously.

Hence, getting a bad rating is not something to joke about.

Now, the question is how can you dispute them?

How to Dispute Doordash Rating

For clarification, this article will cover the process of disputing “customer” ratings.

If you have a problem with your completion or acceptance rate, we have articles that cover them properly. But most importantly, you can’t get them disputed.

It’s also important to mention that there’s actually no button on DoorDash that lets you formally dispute a customer’s rating, unfortunately.

However, the process below is a list of proven steps that can help you out.

The Customer Rating Would Eventually Disappear

Did you just get a bad rating and are sure you’re not at fault? Perhaps the problem was from the restaurant, bad weather conditions, or just other reasons that weren’t necessarily you, being at fault.

Well, thankfully DoorDash has a way to fight these situations.

And all you have to do is to give it some time (usually not more than an hour), and the bad rating that came as a result of these would be removed.

So how does DoorDash do this?

Well, the company has a list of conditions during which when a driver is related below 5 stars would be erased. These conditions are listed below:

  1. A wait time of more than 10 minutes from the restaurant
  2. Delayed delivery due to multiple (3+) batched orders
  3. An issue of Missing items when the package is properly sealed
  4. Extreme Bad weather conditions such as snowstorms or thunderstorms
  5. When an order request has gotten multiple declined requests before you, resulting in a 15-minute+ delay before you.
  6. When there’s a unique challenge such as a protest, road blockage, etc.
  7. When DoorDash already expects the delivery to be 15+ minutes late
  8. When there’s a system-wide outage

Generally, in any of the conditions, a bad rating would be removed.

If you ever had a one-star rating disappear all of a sudden as most people, this is one of the reason.

Make a Solid Guess

So what if your bad rating doesn’t get automatically removed even when you’re not actually at fault? What do you do?

Make a solid guess…

You see, one problem with customer ratings on DoorDash is how private it is handled.

For instance, customers can’t see drivers’ ratings and drivers can’t also see who exactly rated them.

So you never know who gave you a bad rating.

And your guess could be wrong.

This is because, while rare, a bad rating could also come from a previous customer, since DoorDash allows customers to rate even a week after their delivery.

So unless you know who rated you badly, and as well know you’re definitely not at fault, the process may be difficult.

Prepare your Proofs

Once you’ve made an educated guess, you’d want to make sure you have proof to counter the reason for the bad ratings.

Generally, you’d want to have information about whether or not you made the delivery, what time the food was delivered, a screenshot of your communication with the customer, whether the customer received the order or not, etc.

This is not a comprehensive list, but you get the idea?!

For instance, if the reason for the delayed delivery was from the restaurant, make mention of it to Doordash.

Report to DoorDash

The final process is actually to report to the company, which can be easily be achieved by reaching out to the company’s customer care for dashers.

You can either do this through the app by navigating to the “Help” section where you get access to their live chat service, or by using the company’s phone service for dashers.

We, however, recommend using the live chat as that allows you to explain yourself properly.

Either way, be concise, factual and explain the issue professionally.

Attach all the evidence you’ve gathered to back up your case. This is where the groundwork you did earlier come into play.

Final Thoughts

Getting a bad rating on DoorDash can be frustrating. But if you’re sure you aren’t at fault, making a dispute is a wise decision.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful!

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