Doordash Schedule Not Working? Here’s what to do

Doordash Schedule Not Working? Here's what to do

One frustrating situation to be in, as a driver, is to be idle doing nothing due to an error from your delivery app. Of course, we know time is money – so what can we do in a situation where the schedule refuses to work?

This article will cover the basic 3 reasons this happens and what to do about them.

DoorDash Schedule Not Working – 3 Reasons and Fixes

So let’s get straight to the point…

1. Glitch

Although not very frequent, technical errors do happen, even in large organizations such as DoorDash.

Unfortunately, the schedule feature on DoorDash has been known to have glitches for a while now.

Generally, the app could have experienced temporary issues due to server overload or other software-related problems.

This would prevent the schedule from loading correctly or even show the slots as unavailable when they are not. It may even lead to a situation where your preschedule disappears, as we saw happening in 2022.


While you can’t fix the glitch it’s always, it’s always best you follow the right troubleshooting procedures.

Firstly, you begin by checking whether you have the latest version of the app installed. If the problem persists, proceed to clear the app’s cache, and probably uninstall and install the app.

Depending on the particular glitch, you could also accept whatever schedule the app loads to you and edit it later. Peradventure you find it hard to edit it later, try contacting Doordash.

Generally, you’d want to contact DoorDash at the end of the day if everything fails.

2. High Competition

The primary reason for the schedule on DoorDash is to be able to handle the influx of drivers and appoint them to a specific location and timeline.

However, when the request becomes excessive, the app might have no option but to halt the ability to schedule.

It’s for the same reason you may be faced with the popular error code, “Schedules are currently full in your area.”

This is because, as there is a rush of dashers trying to schedule themselves, slots may fill up quickly, making it seem as though the schedule isn’t working.


If you find that you’re consistently unable to schedule yourself for delivery slots, try scheduling your shifts in advance as soon as new slots open.

With DoorDash, the weekly schedule is typically released on Saturday at 3:00 PM.

Qualifying for the Early access scheduling service can also help you schedule way earlier than most people. And lastly, you can try dashing without schedules.

3. Network Issues

Just as with the app glitch we talked about, it could also be possible that your internet connection is weak or unstable.

This can also lead to you having trouble scheduling your shifts.


Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Try moving to a location with a stronger signal, or switch between Wi-Fi and data to see if that solves the problem.

You can also try restarting your device or router to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Why do you need to Schedule Shifts on Doordash?

Depending on the market, some people might not have a problem with not scheduling their shifts. This is a thing if you stay in a location with lesser drivers, or to put it right, “a location with higher demand (from customers) and less supply (from drivers).”

You might not need to schedule if you stay in such a location. And there is also no penalty that comes for not scheduling.

So why is the need to schedule shifts?

Well, scheduling on DoorDash is the standard if you want to have guaranteed deliveries.

Other than Scheduling deliveries, the only option you have is to Dash Now.

Editors Note: Dash Now is a feature on DoorDash that enables Dashers to begin delivering immediately when there’s high demand in their current location.

The problem with the Dash now is its instability.

Generally, the option to Dash Now is only available when there’s a high demand for drivers in your location, except you’re a Top Dasher which allows you to Dash Now consistently.

Since Dash Now is not consistent as we said, the only way to get guaranteed deliveries is to always schedule deliveries.

Final Thoughts

A good percent of the time you’ll find yourself facing problem scheduling, it’s a general thing and not an account issue as you may think. Hence, the best course of action is to simply contact DoorDash the moment you face the problem.

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