Do Scheduled Dashers Get Priority?

Do Scheduled Dashers Get Priority?

If you’re new to DoorDash, it’s easy to get confused by how most things work, especially when it comes to the idea of scheduling deliveries.

The argument here is does scheduling your delivery gives you an added delivery priority or should you just go on accepting orders if possible (in essence, using the dash now feature)?

Do Scheduled Dashers Get Priority?

While scheduling shifts on DoorDash is important, it doesn’t come with any added delivery priority that involves getting more delivery requests or higher-paying orders.

In other words, whether you scheduled a delivery a week after or you do so a night before your delivery, your “delivery priority” should not increase or decrease.

And whether you didn’t even schedule at all, it doesn’t make any difference.

There’s also no formal note from Doordash that states otherwise.

So is it important to schedule deliveries on Doordash? and why?

Backtracking to 2021 downwards, the answer shouldn’t be a firm “no,” since you can easily hop into the “Dash now” anytime and begin delivering orders even when you didn’t schedule.

However, currently, getting the “Dash now” button in most markets is a hassle.

There’d need to be a very good demand for drivers in a location for the button to be available. This is not something common in most markets.

Editors note: Dash now is a feature that allows Dashers to start working immediately if there is high demand in their current location.

Now, if you don’t always get the Dash Now button, it simply means you need to schedule to reserve a slot. Otherwise, you won’t have any button to tap on to begin dashing.

Someone making note on how they don't get orders if they don't schedule their deliveries
A Facebook comment about not scheduling a delivery

It’s also important you schedule on time to avoid situations of the app not letting you schedule deliveries at the last minute. Because this is something common.

How Scheduling Works on Doordash

Scheduling on Doordash is basically a way to plan your work hours as you’d do in most physical jobs that allow shifting.

When you make a schedule on Doordash, you let the company know when you’ll be out delivering and at what location.

This way, you’ll have a slot for that period and avoid being stranded when you come out to dash.

So how do you schedule?

First, go to the “Schedule” tab in your Dasher app.

Here, you’ll see a range of time slots available for you to dash in your chosen area and at a particular time.

A snapshots of slots shown when you schedule deliveries on DoorDash
A snapshot of available slots for a driver scheduling their delivery

How long these slots are available is determined by factors like customer demand and the number of Dashers already scheduled. This is how DoorDash ensures a proper balance between order demand and Dasher supply

Now, select the date that works best for you, and you’ll be led to a page that allows you to pick a time slot available for the day.

Tap on the one and choose your starting point. This is generally the area where you’ll be picking up and delivering orders.

Lastly, confirm your schedule and you should be good to go.

Is there a way to increase your delivery priority on Doordash?

As we said earlier, scheduling on DoorDash doesn’t give an added priority. So what gives?

Well, according to DoorDash, there are basically 2 ways to increase your delivery priority. So, let’s go over them.

Qualify for the Top Dasher Program

While most drivers dislike it, it’s still one of the prestigious programs on the app.

Generally, the Top Dasher program aimed to reward Dashers who meets the company’s standard:

  1. An acceptance rate of 70%
  2. Completion rate of 95%
  3. A driver history of 200 deliveries
  4. 100 deliveries in the last 30 days

All these are tough requirements no doubt, but perhaps the reward can be worth it.

Regardless, drivers on the program are promised a higher delivery priority which includes access to relatively higher-paying orders, and most likely more order requests in total.

Meet the requirement for Priority Access

Aside from the Top Dasher Program, meeting the Priority Access Qualification on DoorDash should also grant you that privilege.

To qualify for this, however, there’s a minimum standard of 4.5 for customer rating and an acceptance rate of 50%. Keep in mind that the higher your acceptance rate is, the higher your priority for better delivery.

Final Thoughts

Generally, scheduling on DoorDash doesn’t affect how fast you get delivery requests nor does it affect the quality of orders you receive. It’s only a way to let DoorDash know you’re present in a location and have them give you access to dash.

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