How to turn off Red Card Orders on DoorDash (Finally)

How to turn off Red Card Orders on DoorDash (Finally)

When I thought about writing a topic on this, there were two things that came to my mind:

  1. How to Deactivate the Red Card
  2. How to Filter out red card orders or maybe stop receiving them

No, these were not questions I had personally, but questions I thought people would expect from an article like this.

Or am I wrong? 😉

So yeah, I’m putting the possibilities of these, and the “how to” (if it’s actually possible) into this article.

Sit tight; let’s take a good look at it.

Are Red Cards orders that Bad?

For every seed of a bad thing, there’s a good thing. Are red card orders just an exception?

I know a lot of people try to avoid them, but there are also a considerable amount of people who don’t have a problem with it. Don’t you think there’s a reason why?

And no, I’m not trying to be a marketer for DoorDash. I’m an active driver myself;)

But you see, something you’ll learn while delivering as a driver is the rate at which things vary across locations.

Earning potential varies by location, order requests do too, earnings, and the list goes on.

Just because something is not profitable to someone at their location doesn’t mean it won’t be to you at your location.

Comment from someone that likes Doordash red card orders
Reddit comment on someone who enjoys Red Card orders

For instance, not all locations get Red Card orders at the same rate. Some people, even with the red cards activated, only get a few red card orders a month while others get a bunch of them.

And if you argue with me, here’s a comment on that…

Reddit user complaint on lack of doordash orders

As we covered in our article on whether the Red card feature is worth it or not, the biggest factor to whether DoorDash red card would be worth it or not is dependent on your market.

What sort of merchants in that location use Red Cards? Are they faster, have customers that tip well, and sell high-cost food?

If the answer to these questions is a “yes,” chances are the Red Card isn’t going to be bad for you.

And if there are many red card orders in your location, it could also translate to more order requests in general.

So what am I trying to say? If you’re yet to have a first-hand view of the red card, don’t be quick to make any assumptions.

Give it a trial before taking the next step.

Can you turn off Red Card Orders on DoorDash?

Following the introduction, let’s talk about the two major questions about this topic.

Firstly, can you deactivate the red card?

Technically, you can. You could do this by going to the app’s settings>red card and tapping on Mark as lost. This will let the company know that you either no longer have access to the card or have yours, expired.

A video on how to turn off your red card by “marking your card as lost”

Yes, this obviously works but not for so long.

DoorDash requires the red card feature for all drivers to be on at all times.

Whether you’re a new driver and don’t want to activate your card, or you lost your card, you’ll eventually need to activate it.

Having a Red Card as a driver is actually mandatory on DoorDash.

If you’re able to not have the red card for a while, you’ll eventually be notified to have it on. If you don’t, you’ll wake up one day and not be able to log into your account, till you get your Red Card working.

In other words, this is not the way to go.

So what can you do about this?

Well, let’s talk about the second argument: the ability to filter red card orders.

Technically, this is not possible as well. No feature default to DoorDash lets drivers actively filter out all red card orders.

When you have the red card on, you’ll be open to receiving orders of any type: profitable, non-profitable, long distance, short distance, normal orders, and of course, red card orders.

However, there’s actually something to do about this which we cover in the next section.

How to turn off Red Card Orders on DoorDash

If we’re to be honest the only actual way to turn off the red card feature on DoorDash is to decline red card orders

The company also openly makes mention of this…

Doordash noting the only way to turn off red card is to decline red card orders

There’s also no harm in doing this since it should only affect your acceptance rate which isn’t a big factor on Doordash, unless you’re looking forward to qualifying for the top dasher program or anything related.

If you don’t want to bother about having to decline red card orders manually, you could also choose to download the “drivers utility helper,” an app that could help you auto-decline orders based on your preference.

It requires a monthly fee of $10 to work and only works for Android users.

Keep in mind that I’m in no way affiliated with this company, and only recommend what I feel is good to my readers.

Is it safe? Let me drop a Reddit user comment on that…

using the drivers utility helper to turn off red card orders on doordash

Now, technically, it’s safe.

But as just with anything in the tech world, there would be anomalies. Not necessarily anomalies from the app, but from Doordash.

For instance, if you have a set distance and the number of orders you want to be declined, if the DoorDash navigation map glitches as it normally does, depending on the situation, the app might be temporarily prompted to decline an order that falls out of your set preference.

But then, if you just want to have all red card orders declined automatically, this app can help you do that pretty well.


Now, that’s a wrap.

Turning off the Red Card on DoorDash isn’t as straightforward as most people think. While you can technically do it, it comes with some repercussions which we shared in the article.

Thanks for reading!

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