The Actual Reason DoorDash Fast Pay is not working

The Actual Reason DoorDash Fast Pay is not working

Ever had an issue using the fast pay on DoorDash?

Personally, it has always been a problem occasionally. And I was just surprised how many people share the same problem with me.

Well, in today’s article, I’ll be sharing some tips that have worked for me as well as the most common reasons most people have Fast Pay not working for them occasionally.

Reasons for DoorDash fast pay not working and Fixes

1. Server Problems and Data Loss

I’ve noticed a lot of commonalities with the DoorDash app and losing access to shared data so easily.

For instance, if you’re a driver you might recall instances of when the map temporarily loses your location on several occasions. (This is one of the reasons we shared in a previous article why you may get little to no orders in a Hotspot.)

So this has been a problem with DoorDash most of the time.

So what can you do?

Re-enter your Debit Card

Here are some testimonies about this…

How re-entering your debit card fixes DoorDash fast pay not working

Re-entering your debit info works most of the time and if it doesn’t work (which is unlikely) try using other troubleshooting steps shown below:

  1. Restart your mobile phone.
  2. Clear the app’s cache or try deleting and re-installing the app.
  3. Double-check your network connectivity — perhaps your network is bad.

Keep in mind while you re-enter your debit card, you’ll need to wait for 7 days to use the service, per DoorDash requirements.

2. You didn’t Satisfy the Fast Pay Requirements

Alright, I don’t want to assume you’re a boomer (even if you likely are;)). You sure must know the requirements of the fast pay service.

For clarity sake, let’s go over them again:

  1. Dasher Account: You must have an active Dasher account. Fast Pay is only available to Dashers who have completed at least 25 deliveries.
  2. Account Age: Your Dasher account must be at least two weeks old.
  3. Debit Card Information: You should enter your debit card information in the DoorDash app. Fast Pay won’t work with credit cards, prepaid cards, or bank accounts.
  4. Debit Card Requirements: Your Debit Card needs to be put in 7 days before you intend to cash out. Fast Pay has a 7-day processing period applied to every new debit card added to the service. This is also applicable if you re-enter your debit card. This is a security measure to ensure that your debit card information is correctly entered and verified.
  5. Payout: After initiating Fast Pay, your earnings will be transferred to your debit card, and the funds should typically be available within minutes, but the exact timing may depend on your bank’s policies.

All these are stringent requirements that if overlooked could have you frustrated wondering why your fast pay isn’t working, whereas you’re the one to be blamed.

For instance, imagine putting the debit card on the day you intend to cash out. It’s definitely not gonna work.

Or re-entering your debit card in a bid to fix whatever issue and expect it to work?

3. Issue from Doordash

If I were to be honest, Fast Pay isn’t the most seamless on DoorDash. While it works most of the time, there are times when it doesn’t. Usually, this would be global and not just limited to you.

However, before making a rash assumption it’s always best to make sure you’ve confirmed you’re not against the requirements. It’s definitely not going to work.

After doing this and there’s no solution, the next step to take advisably is to contact the company’s support team.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Contact them through their live support: Simply head over to the app, click “Help” in the upper right corner of the app, and select “Something else.” You’ll have the option to “Start Chat” with a support agent.
  2. Troll them on X (formerly Twitter): If a clean chat with the support team isn’t possible, one of the tricks I always advise is to troll them on Twitter (you don’t need to be harsh) — write a good tweet, tag them, and you should have them on your inbox a few hours later, if not earlier.

4. You’ve reached the Fast Pay Limit

As with any glorified feature on apps, the Fast Pay service does come with limits, which if extended would stop the service from working.

So, what’s the limit?

Firstly, according to DoorDash, you should have a minimum of $2 in your balance before you can initiate a refund. Secondly, you’re restricted to using the Fast Pay service once per day.

The fix? Have enough balance, and as well be sure to only use the service after a minimum of 24 hours gap.

Let us know if it worked for you

Hey there! Thanks for reading thus far.

If any of the above steps works for you, I’d appreciate a notification on my email box, so I can drop them in this article.

If you also have other steps that have worked for you, sharing them would also be helpful for the community.


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