Why Your Doordash Order Never Arrived and Fixes

Why Your Doordash Order Never Arrived and Fixes

A little before and after the pandemic in 2021, we can all testify how the food delivery industry saw a big shift to the limelight. While Doordash wasn’t the first delivery company, it saw the highest increase in demand during this time and still remains the top food delivery company, at least in the United States.

But what happens if you make an order on Doordash and it never arrives? This article will cover the common reasons this happens and what to do about it.

Common Reasons Your Doordash Order Never Arrived

Let’s begin by covering the reasons below before going on to how to get the issue resolved. So, here they are:

Address Miscommunication

This is one major reason we’ve seen people complain about orders never arriving.

So here’s the thing…

House addresses can be complicated sometimes.

For instance, you could have two different houses with address numbers 101 and 110 respectively. With just a simple mistake, a driver could be delivering your order to the wrong location.

We’ve also seen this happen in a big neighborhood, where every corner is someone else’s house. It’s just so easy to make mistakes in this case.

And this is where communication comes in. If you know, you have a confusing neighborhood or house, it’s best to make a good description.

Double-check the address you have in your account. Who knows? They could also be wrong, or not have enough description, leaving your dasher to make guesswork.

Editors note: if you have an order that never arrived, it’s always useful to make a quick eye survey on the frontal views of your neighbor’s houses to know whether your Doordash driver actually dropped it somewhere else.

The Dasher stole your Food

While the occurrence of this has reduced over the years due to strict rules by Doordash to drivers, if caught —risks of getting their account banned— it still happens.

If you fall into the hands of a bad driver, you could get your order stolen. But thankfully, this is not common.

But the major problem here is how you can’t actually tell the difference between a stolen order, and delivery to a wrong address.

Either way, Doordash has its way of confirming, using GPS and other information.

But in the end, you will get your money refunded.

Orders Theft

Unfortunately, food delivery theft is not uncommon.

If your delivery is left in an easily accessible location such as a doorstep or a building lobby, there is a chance that someone could take it before you retrieve it, especially when you stay in a location with bad people.

This is why it’s always advisable you specifically tell your Doordash to somehow notify you after delivery. While most Doordash drivers do this on a default, we have others that don’t.

For instance, you could choose to go with “Hands-on” delivery, where a dasher has to give the order into your hands.

Alternatively, you could let them notify you, either by text, knocking on your door, etc.

What to Do when your Doordash never arrives?

Alright. When your Doordash order never arrives, it’s important you don’t fret, in the sense that you’ll get your money back.

So what are the steps to do this?

Pretty much easy, regardless of the reason. In fact, Doordash has a dedicated page where you can report issues like this. So here are the steps:

Check the Status of your Delivery

Before you go on to contact Doordash, you’ll want to make sure your order has already been marked delivered on the app.

This is because, if not, chances are, your order may still be on the way, held by weather, traffic, the restaurant, etc. The estimated delivery time does increase.

Hence, it’s important you double-check the status of the order. Who knows? Maybe it’s still on its way or is being delayed by the restaurant.

Generally, there are 3 basic statuses you can find on Doordash:

  1. Order Received – the status when a dasher accepts your order
  2. At the restaurant – you get this when the driver arrives at the restaurant
  3. On the way – this is the status received when Doordash is on its way to you
  4. Delivered – after your delivery arrives, you get this.

To check the status of your order, navigate to the orders tab on your Doordash account and tap on the status section. Alternatively, you could also use this link.

Editors Tips: If your order has actually been delivered, you’ll get a notification from the app. Note that this notification may not show up if you’re on DND (do not disturb).

Now, if you’re sure your order has been delivered and you didn’t receive it, move on to the next step.

Contact Doordash

Next, contact Doordash.

  1. Head over to your mobile app or desktop browser, and navigate to the corresponding order.
  2. Tap on help and scroll down to the option tagged “Order never arrived” in the delivery issues and click on it. Next, you’ll be prompted to confirm your delivery address.
  3. Click on Continue, which prompts you to two sections — “I’ve found my order” and “I can’t find my order.”
  4. Tap on “I can’t find my order,” lastly.

Here’s a gif from Doordash that shows this process…

Gif for fixing Order never arrived issue on Doordash | Source: Doordash
GIF for fixing the Order never arrived issue on Doordash

You should be able to get a refund from DoorDash after they perform their due diligence.

Final Thoughts

Yikes! So that’s it.

However, regardless of the reason, if you have an issue with your order never arriving, you just have to keep calm, as you’d get a refund in the end. Your only worry should be missing out on your meal for that day.

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