What Do Doordash Customers See?

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Maybe you’re looking to make your first order on Doordash, or are just a curious Driver, who wants to know how much information Doordash shares with their customers, this article would be providing a deep dive into this topic.

What Do Doordash Customers See?

Doordash tries to make a good match between how much information is available to customers and the privacy of drivers. But in general, it does a good job.

So what information do customers see on Doordash:

Delivery Information

After finalizing an order by making payment, Doordash sends an order request to an available driver either close to your location or restaurant, based on the company’s algorithm.

If the Driver accepts the order, you get a notification from Doordash, via the mobile app and Text.

Via text, you’ll be sent a tracking link for your order, which can be used to track your order till it gets to you. You can as well access this using the mobile app.

Doordash also occasionally sent notifications about the progress of the delivery. This includes:

  1. At the restaurant
  2. On the way to the customer
  3. One mile away from your location.

The idea here is to make sure a customer is aware of the order and would be around when the order arrives.

The Drivers Name

Still, on the Delivery information, customers would be able to see the driver’s name – as it is with other delivery companies.

On Doordash, however, the default name format is the first name and the initial of the last name. So for instance, a person with the name “Ebubechukwu Isaiah,” would be shown as “Ebubechukwu I.”

Doordash drivers can however choose to change this when they wish to.

This is the reason you can find drivers with weird names like this…

What customers can see on Doordash
A Snapshot of a driver with the name “Sponge Bob S”


While we talked a little about this previously, it’s worth mentioning how detailed the location feature is on Doordash.

Basically, you can track a driver in real-time, like you have in Google Maps, thanks to the company’s integration with Google Maps, as long as they have your order with them.

For instance, in a case where a driver takes batched orders (a term for taking multiple orders at once), a customer can be able to tell by watching the map closely and the push notification “delivering another order.”


Now, the name and location are not just what customers can see from their end.

For instance, while they don’t have access to a driver’s phone number, they could still call them and text through the app.

Editors note: For Drivers, it’s important to never call a customer out of the company’s calling system and never deliver out of the delivery address shown on the customer’s profile.

As we explained earlier, Doordash wants to make a good match between how much information is available to customers and the privacy of drivers.

What Information Doordash Customers Don’t Have

Now, what if you’re not fine with the list provided above? Maybe you thought there was more for customers to see or something else?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the information common in other food delivery companies, Doordash doesn’t show to customers. Below they are:


While food deliveries like DoorDash and Grubhub allow customers to see a driver’s picture, as a means of security (maybe) or to create a sort of trust from the customer, Doordash doesn’t.

How you can see drivers profile picture on Uber eats
Seeing a Driver’s Profile on Ubereats | Source: Uber eats

Just as we said before, the only information a customer is allowed to see about a driver on Doordash is the Name and location they’re currently at.

Phone number

Doordash doesn’t allow any party to share their phone numbers. And as a matter of fact, sharing phone numbers in the company’s messaging system is against their policy.

However, customers and drivers are still allowed to call and text each other.

Now, this is done through call forwarding which ensures both party’s privacy is maintained.

Editors note: Call forwarding is a mechanism employed by most food delivery companies, allowing communication between the customer and the driver without revealing either party’s personal contact details

Vehicle information

Most people usually think Doordash shows the vehicle information of a driver, perhaps to help customers identify drivers faster.

However, while there could be an atom of truth since Doordash formally required drivers to fill in the details of their car (which was useful during the pandemic), it’s no longer a thing currently.

So no, customers can’t see the vehicle information of a driver.

Dashers Rating

After a delivery, customers are encouraged to rate their driver and the experience of the delivery.

While these ratings contribute a big part to making Doordash better, the overall rating of a driver is not visible to customers.

Doordash customers are only allowed to give their personal rating, which would only be recorded, as long as the note behind the rating is true. In essence, customers can only see their rating of a Doordash profile.


To be honest and in comparison with several food delivery companies, Doordash is the most private when it comes to drivers. Although this is not much of a big deal for many people, it helps, at least for security reasons.

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