When do DoorDash Ratings Update?

When do DoorDash Ratings Update?

When you’re new to Doordash, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of things you need to know. Obviously, one of these is the company’s Rating system, which can be a little confusing in some cases.

For today’s article, however, we’d be taking a deep delve look at when DoorDash Ratings Update, as requested by our readers.

When do Doordash Ratings Update?

If you’re like most new drivers, you’d probably be dumbfounded by how most things work on Doordash, especially when you have no experience doing food delivery.

And as for the rating system on the platform, it’s easy to conclude, there’s a specific time all ratings (for instance, customer ratings) get displayed on the dasher app.

Editors note: In a previous article, we covered the reason why it seems DoorDash ratings doesn’t update from a generic point of view, covering the completion and acceptance rate. However, for this article, we try to put more focus on the “customer’s rating.”

And to be fair, it’s understandable, as it’s very common to get only a few ratings on the app, compared to the number of orders, we, drivers complete a day.

But is this the case? Well, it’s totally not.

There are actually no delays between when a customer rates a driver and when it reflects on the Dasher’s app. The moment a customer rates you, it should reflect. This is also applicable to other ratings on the platform, such as completion rate, acceptance rate, etc. The moment you complete a delivery, it should update instantly.

Any further delays are likely to be caused by server issues, or poor network connectivity. And it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.

But then, why do you have to wait days before getting a single customer rating on the app? Or why does your completion or acceptance rate not seem to be increasing on the app?

Here’s why you get only a few Customer ratings on Doordash

From a Driver’s perspective, the biggest flaw of DoorDash’s customer rating system is making it optional for customers.

Now why? Well, we all know how comments on Youtube videos are way less when compared to views, right? This is because youtube comments are totally optional.

Unfortunately, Ratings on Doordash are also optional, hence the reason you’ll find most people ignoring it. This is unlike other food delivery companies (e.g. Postmates, Ubereats, etc).

For this reason, it’s safe to not always expect ratings for every delivery made.

But then, here’s where the not-so-good part comes in.

50% of the time, people that rate a delivery are likely to come from a bad experience. Hence, negative reviews are way more common on Doordash than on most delivery companies, which if not careful can get your ratings red.

Editors note: As a driver, this is the reason why it’s usually beneficial to notify customers to rate their delivery experience before leaving. A sentence like “Have a nice day! A 5-star rating would be very much appreciated,” after a delivery should do the job. But as with anything, this could also come with a slight risk – the potential of the customer leaving you a bad review if the delivery was actually bad.

Tips to Get Better Ratings on DoorDash

Before we go on to the list, it’s important to make mention that getting good Ratings on Doordash as well as on any other food delivery companies is usually not a one-route thing.

While doing the right thing (as would be listed in our tips), should help, you need to note that you can’t please everybody – there’d always be a bad rating for no good reason.

Don’t be bad with yourself if you get one — the compounding effect of other ratings should resolve that, as long as you do things right.

This being said, below are our 4 tips to get better ratings on Doordash.

Follow Instructions

Doordash allows customers to add instructions to their orders. This could be a type of food flavor they like, where they prefer, or just some sort of unique instructions.

Unfortunately, not many drivers take note of these instructions.

For instance, here’s a complaint from a customer about this…

Doordash Drivers failing to follow instructions of a customer requesting her food to be dropped on the table rather than floor

You can bet she won’t rate these drivers anywhere good.

Next, while you might not always be instructed to do this, you also want to make sure the food is as presentable as when it left the restaurant.

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Use insulated bags whenever necessary and ensure that the food is upright and secure to prevent any spills or damage.

Be prompt

If there’s one thing that customers value highly, it’s their time. This is one reason customers always complain about their delivery time increasing.

Always aim to deliver orders within the estimated time window. Make use of GPS navigation to plan your route and avoid traffic where possible.

The faster and more efficient you are, the more likely customers are to leave a good rating.

Now there are definitely situations you can’t control. Thankfully, DoorDash has a system that does due diligence on customer ratings and the situation that led to it. If a bad rating is justified, the company gets rid of it.

Communicate Properly

Keep your customers informed. If there’s a delay or if something is wrong with the order, let them know. A quick text or a call should do.

A customer would always prefer to be informed about a late delivery than to be kept in the dark.

Now aside from this, you also want to communicate properly. Being respectful, and having a positive look helps a lot here.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explained in this article, there are no official delays from Doordash when it comes to the timeline between when a customer rates a driver and when it appears on their dashboard.

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