Why Aren’t My Funds Available for Fast Pay on DoorDash? 5 Common Reasons

Why Aren't My Funds Available for Fast Pay on DoorDash? 5 Common Reasons

If you don’t have the patience to wait a week to receive earnings and want to have your earnings go straight to your Bank account, Fast Pay is the way to go.

While it may cost a few extra bucks, it’s usually worth it since your money gets directly sent to you.

For instance, you may not have such fees with the DasherDirect service, but may eventually have to pay a service fee when cashing out your money, perhaps from the ATM or stores.

But here’s the question. What could be the reason, your funds are not available on fast pay?

In this article, we take a look at 5 common reasons and fixes to this issue from our experience.

Why Aren’t My Funds Available for Fast Pay on DoorDash? 5 Common Reasons

1. New to Fast Pay

If you’re a newbie to the Fast Pay feature, there’s a waiting period as well as some requirements that need to be satisfied before you’re able to use this feature.

Without further ado, here are the requirements:

  1. You should have an active account
  2. You have been with the platform for at least two weeks
  3. You’ve historically completed a minimum of 25 deliveries
  4. You’re to only use an active debit card connected to the account you intend to receive your money from.

These are the basic requirements, but there’s still more to the Fast Pay requirements we cover as we go down the article.

2. Bank Information Updates

Made changes to your bank information recently?

Whenever you update your bank details on DoorDash, there’s a seven-day hold on the Fast Pay feature. This is a precaution to ensure that no unauthorized changes are made to your account.

It might feel a bit tedious, but it’s for your own protection.

Note that this is applicable to whatever card you use, even if the card was verified before. For instance, when you re-enter your previous debit card. You still have the 7 seven-day wait period to wait before you can have your funds sent to you.

In other words, this could be the reason your funds aren’t available to Fast Pay.

3. Fast Pay Limit

Just as with anything good, Fast Pay does have its restrictions.

For instance, one of them is the fact that there’s a limit to how many times you can access Fast Pay within a 24-hour window.

You can’t use it infinitely in a single day.

According to DoorDash, you can only use it once a day. In other words, If you’ve already used it earlier in the day, you might have to wait a bit longer to use it again.

There’s also a minimum withdrawal amount of $1.99 it comes with. So if you don’t have over $2 in your account balance, you won’t have Fast Pay available to you.

4. Issue from your Debit Card

On the requirements for the Fast Pay service, DoorDash begins by mentioning can only be applied to debit cards, not credit cards, not prepaid cards, or worse gift cards.

But that’s not all.

The debit card needs to be active and connected to the account you intend to get funds to because this is the route DoorDash takes to your money to that account cheaper and faster.

Anything different? You may have a problem using the service.

5. Technical Glitches

Technology isn’t perfect. Sometimes, server issues or app glitches can temporarily obstruct Fast Pay functionality.

In such cases, it’s good practice to log out, give the app a moment (maybe even restart your phone), and try again.

If the problem persists, DoorDash support is there to help.

One troubleshooting that has worked for me severally is to re-enter the debit card info. However, this comes with a con of having to wait a period of 7 days again.

But if it works, why not?

6. Your Location

Before we close this section, let’s mention “location.”

Unlike the default payment system for Dashers, both Fast Pay and DasherDirect (two real flexible options) are only available to US residents, with Fast Pay extending to Canada.

This is justifiable because the approach these two systems take is something not applicable to the payment systems in most countries

Not to mention, international transactions often involve additional processes, fees, and time, which goes against the very essence of Fast Pay – quick and easy access to your earnings.

Let us know if it worked for you

Hey there! Thanks for reading thus far.

If any of the above steps works for you, I’d appreciate a notification on my email box, so I can drop them in this article.

If you also have other steps that have worked for you, sharing them would also be helpful for the community.


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