Is Deliveroo worth it in a car? We did our Analysis

Is Deliveroo worth it in a car?

For most people I know, delivering food is not a bad job for them. In fact, it’s a fun experience, rather.

But what happens when you start thinking business?

“Using your personal car to start delivering goods, could cover more distance at a faster rate and probably make more money.” Ya know?

Or maybe you just don’t want to stress yourself with driving scooters or Bicycles around the UK, what is a better alternative? Of course, Deliveroo accepts all vehicles.

So is a car the better option? Let’s take a quick look at it.

Is Deliveroo worth it in a car?

Have you ever wondered why there are usually so many bike or motorcycle delivery drivers rather than people who use cars for deliveries? Or maybe you’re just tryna analyses between the both.

Well, keep calm. Let’s take it down.

Generally, Deliveroo is also worth it for people using cars to make deliveries.

Of course, some people do it comfortably and make up a living from it, like this guy:

So, it’s a good idea, right?

Well, as with every job, it depends on a whole number of factors.

So it’s important you do your homework and analyze it.

But what about we do this homework for you? Well…

Firstly, you need to analyse both the advantages and disadvantages.


Depending on the city you stay and how busy it is, having a car is likely going to speed up the process of making deliveries. You could cover more distance faster

And if you’re the type who doesn’t fancy the idea of having to drive a two-tyre machine around or you’re probably old or weak, there goes another advantage.

Generally, the whole process of delivering from a car is much more flexible.


While there are advantages to using cars, there are definitely some other disadvantages.

Firstly, it’s a big investment. Unless you already have one, which is fine, the cost of getting a car is obviously high.

Maintaining them? That’s another puzzle…

It costs money to run cars. Of course, you have to constantly buy fuel, pay insurance and do maintenance. Even though you still have to do this even when you don’t do deliveries, they’d undoubtedly double.

You won’t have to do all of this if you use a bicycle or scooter.

And for those who may want to use motorcycles, the expense such as fuels and maintenance services would be way lesser.

For this reason, you’d want to take into account how much you earn and how much you spend to see your actual profit.

So, what are these expenses for cars? Well, we can’t tell for sure.

If you already own a car, It’s best you try using it for a week and recording the expenses you make as well as your income and do the maths.

Lastly, depending on where you stay, you could be prone to late deliveries due to traffic jams, brake down, etc.

Last analysis

If you have better options like a bike to use, it’s likely better, economically speaking.

But all these still come with their own disadvantages, such as:

  • Limited Range: A bicycle or scooter can’t take you far as a motorcycle or car would. Firstly, they’re not as fast, and they depend on how far your manpower (in bicycle) or batter (in scooter) can take you.
  • Weather dependent: A bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle would be fine in most cases. However, in some bad weather conditions like thunderstorms, they may not be able to serve.
  • Stress: No stress as having to drive a bicycle for hours, or on an hilly terrain. It’s physically demanding: and the same goes for scooters. To overcome this, you need a powered machine like a car or bike.
  • Limited Capacity: Bikes, in general, are limiting, especially in space. In cases where you get a stacked order, they might not be able to serve you properly.

These are things you need to weigh to come up with an informed conclusion.

Lastly, there’s no one answer to whether Deliveroo is worth in a car or not. It depends on your location, techniques, etc.

But then, it might not be the best idea to get a car specifically for delivery purposes with Deliveroo! If you already have one, you could go ahead using it.

Understanding how Deliveroo works with car drivers

Generally, there’s typically no difference in the process of using Deliveroo for cars and other vehicles.

Here’s the whole process:

If you’re not a fan of visuals, here’s an overview.

To get started all you have to do is sign up, just as the norm for most delivery platforms.

Afterwards, you’ll need to pass a background check.

This involves you having to provide and verify details you inputted earlier, on the platform. In this vein, you’d want to ensure all your details are correctly made.

There would also be some record checks going on such as document verification (that involves verifying your passport, national Id card or driving license), a right-to-work permit, as well as a Basic DBS check.

And since you’re gonna be using a car, Deliveroo is going to perform a motor vehicle check.

Final Thoughts

The question about whether Deliveroo is worth in a car it is dependent on many factors, which may or may have not been listed here. All in all, it’s best you do your personal research, compare and contrast, and make an informed decision.

You might also want to test run a car and any other vehicle within different months and see which is better for yourself, with proper analysis.

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