Guide to DoorDash Compensation Policy (Customers and Drivers)

Guide to DoorDash Compensation Policy

There are often times we get frustrated about deliveries. Unfortunately, these things do happen more frequently than you can imagine.

As a customer, this can be anything from a bad delivery, missing order, etc. For drivers, things like bad wait times at restaurants, traffic, etc are usually the problem.

Either way, this article will cover comprehensively about DoorDash compensation policy for both customers and drivers.

DoorDash compensation policy

Starting from the customer sections, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this article.


When we talk about compensation policy for customers we can only think of how the company handles complaints from displeased customers, and what it does afterward.

Every complaint to DoorDash is taken, and usually effective. For instance, a list of negative reviews can get a driver’s account terminated. Hence, you also want to be careful while making them.

Now for compensation…it’s simple — the company does refunds but still doesn’t explicitly promote them.

So yes, you can get refunds but under some conditions. And this is very common due to the nature of the business. But what are these conditions?

Well, let’s go over the list of these conditions and the compensation policies for customers in general…

There are conditions for refunds

As we explained earlier, refunds are only granted under some conditions, listed below.

Firstly, when an order is incomplete or incorrect. In fact, this is the most guaranteed condition that can get you a refund.

You could also get a refund if an order is delivered “Extremely” late. But this will depend on how DoorDash investigates the situation.

Generally, in any of the conditions above you’ll need to provide relevant details like what exactly went wrong, and the reason for requesting a refund, so DoorDash can investigate the matter.

But what if your order wasn’t accepted but was charged? Well, you’d most likely get an automatic refund. If not, you’ll need to contact DoorDash.

However, it’s important we mention that there is no other compensation by DoorDash to you in any form other than the refund they could make.

You could be limited

Yes, it does happen. While making complaints on the platform is easy, you need to be reserved about how you do them, as misuse could also be detrimental.

Firstly, it’s important to note that compensation is typically at the discretion of DoorDash to be successful. In other words, Doordash has the right to both cancel or approve a refund request, whether right or wrong.

Now, regardless of this, there’s a limit to how you can make refunds. For instance, when you make a number of refund requests in a short while, consecutively.

Depending on the situation, the company also has the right to deactivate the user’s account, if they detect fraud or abuse.

Now, how DoorDash does tell when someone intends to abuse the platform?

Two ways this can happen is when a customer is caught falsely accusing a driver or lying about a delivery.


Without any ado, let’s get into these lists:

There’s no compensation for less busy or low earnings days

Most drivers join DoorDash with the mindset of earning $20+ per hour as usually advertised by the platform.

However, while there are markets that pay this much, it’s more of a dream of hope than reality. You’d always have good days and bad days. Bad delivery time and good delivery time.

But most importantly, DoorDash won’t compensate you to perhaps meet up with the per-hour payment advertised on the platform during bad days.

Editors Tips: Drivers usually get more orders during breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. There are more orders on Hotspots than not. Knowing the nitty gritty of scheduling helps a lot. — These are a few things to keep in mind to boost your order rate.

There’s no wait time compensation

Waiting tirelessly at a restaurant is something no driver wants to experience, but unfortunately a reality every single day.

In fact, most drivers go as far as avoiding some lists of restaurants with extreme wait times (I do this, to be honest). And you can’t blame them since time is money.

But what if you decide to be patient at a restaurant and wait?

Unfortunately, DoorDash doesn’t have any special compensation for wait times, other than the fact when the wait time is above 10 minutes, any ratings below 5 stars from the customer would be automatically disputed.

Doordash would reimburse drivers for red card failure

While red cards are getting used less often, you’ll still find yourself using them a few times each month, depending on your location.

According to DoorDash, the moment a red card refuses to work and you decide to make the payment yourself, you’d be reimbursed after the delivery is made.

Mileage Reimbursement is only applicable in tax deductions

It’s important we make an official note that there’s no sort of mileage reimbursement on DooDash of any sort, other than during tax deductions, which in reality isn’t from DoorDash.

This is the reason when I accept orders during delivery, I make sure they’re worth the distance I’m about to drive. Generally, the minimum I’d take is 1$ per mile.

And if there’s better a pay, why not? But nothing below that.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it!

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