Here’s Why Your DoorDash 1 Star Rating Disappeared

Here's Why Your DoorDash 1 Star Rating Disappeared

If you’re someone that keeps a record of their ratings on Doordash, you’d have situations where you see a lot of fluctuation happening.

While all these have explanations, it can get weird when a one-star rating, according to your estimation, disappears.

Well, this article will cover this, exclusively.

The Reason Your Doordash 1 Star Rating Disappeared

There are basically 3 explanations for this phenomenon, which we’d be covering below.

1. Doordash verified the authenticity of the 1-star rating

We like to put this first, as this is the most common reason, we’ve seen, low customer ratings get removed or disappeared on the platform.


Doordash has a policy or standard in which customer ratings, especially when low (anything below 5 stars) are vetted, in certain situations.

In other words, anytime a customer rates a driver below 5 stars during these conditions, Doordash removes it, after making their research.

But what are these conditions? Let’s go over them…

  1. When a Driver waits over 10 minutes in a Restaurant
  2. When there is an issue of Missing Items with Packages totally sealed
  3. Bad Weather Conditions during delivery
  4. The delivery is expected to be over 15 minutes later by Doordash
  5. When the delivery is late due to multiple batched orders
  6. When the delivery has been unassigned multiples times by other drivers, causing you to be later than the initial estimated time
  7. When there’s a unique challenge, such as a protest, on the road

Generally, in any of these situations, when a customer rates below 5 stars, it’d eventually be removed after DoorDash has done its calculation.

You can go over this in the official customer rating section on Doordash.

2. The Rating was Rolled out

Just as customers can’t see a driver’s rating, Drivers can’t also see who exactly rated them.

They only have access to the overall ratings, which could be used to determine or estimate a recent customer rating, if they keep records.

If someone rated you 1 star, it’s also possible, you got another rating (maybe a 5 star) alongside.

Recall, ratings on DoorDash work based on 100 settings.

For instance, customer ratings are calculated from the last 100 ratings of a driver, while completion rates are gotten from the last 100 accepted orders.

It’s also important to note that increase and decrease in ratings only occur when a recent rating replaces an older rating.

If the recent rating is higher than the oldest rating, there’d be an increase in the overall rating. And if the recent rating is lower than the oldest rating, there’d be a decrease.

Now, take for instance, your oldest rating was a 2 star and then you got a recent 1-star rating. Your ratings would drop, obviously.

So let’s assume you get a subsequent 5-star rating, the older 2-star rating would, of course, be rolled out.

This will in turn increase your rating or take it to the norm, depending on what your next oldest rating (after the 1-star rating) is. Hence, creating the illusion that your 1-star rating has disappeared.

Ignorance of this is the reason many people on DoorDash complain about the ratings on the app not updating.

Basically, it shouldn’t be a big deal if a one-star rating disappears. Secondly, it’s not a glitch or hack to the algorithm. It happens.

3. A customer recently rated

Since ratings on Doordash are optional, customers can add them, even after a delivery has already been made, weeks after.

Hence, while rare, it’s possible a previous customer had rated you, perhaps a 5-star, recently.

And if your oldest rating, by the 100 system is below 5 stars, as in the previous illustration, your overall rating should revert back, making the illusion that your recent 1-star rating has been removed.

Generally, you still have the right to dispute ratings that don’t suit well with you.

How to get Better Ratings on Doordash

Trying to improve your ratings on Doordash is kinda difficult, as we’re not psychologists and people can do whatever they choose to, even when you do things right.

It does happen, but thankfully Doordash investigates such things, as we explained earlier.

Secondly, not everyone customer rates their delivery experience, since delivery ratings on Doordash are optional.

The bad part here is how this has led to an average of more negative reviews than positive ones — because, of course, people have every reason to make a comment when something is done badly, but might not when things are done right.

Regardless, the compounding effect would always speak volumes if you provide a good delivery experience.

Enough chatters.

Let’s now go over our 3 main tips to get better ratings on Doordash.

1. Follow Instructions

Most of the time, as we’ve seen, not following instructions is usually the biggest contributor to poor ratings.

On Doordash, customers have the ability to add extra information or instructions, which most do.

Basically, if a customer tells you to not drop the food on the floor (but maybe on the table), keep to it.

If the delivery instruction reads the need for a particular type of flavor or a straw alongside the food, also keep to it.

Here’s a good case of a customer complaint about this…

Doordash Drivers failing to follow instructions of a customer requesting her food to be dropped on the table rather than floor

Lastly, make the food presentable.

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Use insulated bags whenever necessary and ensure that the food is upright and secure to prevent any spills or damage.

2. Deliver Promptly

Next to instructions, is timely delivery.

Nobody wants to wait an extra 30 minutes for a delivery that should take 30 minutes in total. As much as possible, try to be quick about your deliveries.

If you’re given orders in batches, figure out which ones is best to be delivered on time.

But then we all know some situations can be out of our control. Thankfully, for such situations, Doordash should intervene, by either getting rid of the bad rating or making a better estimate of the delivery.

3. Communicate properly

It’s always best to keep customers informed, especially in situations out of your control.

A delay from the restaurant? Let your customers know. Traffic on the road? Let them know. A breakdown? Do same.

Generally, customers would always prefer to be informed about a late delivery than to be kept in the dark.

Final Thoughts

Getting a rating removed on Doordash, be it a one-star or two-star rating, is more common than you think — especially if you’re the type who likes to keep good records of your ratings.

Also, it’s important to mention that contrary to the talks, Doordash ratings update in real-time. And the issue of the 1-star rating disappearing is not caused by a glitch or hack. It’s natural and even common.

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