Seeing Doordash Dashpass Charge on Your Credit Card? Here’s why

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While signing up for DashPass is one easy way to avoid extra fees on the app, we’ve found to be shady in how they run the service.

For instance, there have been several complaints of people getting charged $9.99 monthly out of the blue and even a $96 charge for a yearly subscription.

Here’s an example of what we mean…

People complaning about oordash Dashpass charge on my credit card

Now, why is this happening, how common is it and most importantly, what can you do about this? Let’s take a quick look at these in the following sections…

Here’s why you got the Doordash Dashpass charge on your credit card

Here are some reasons that could have led to this charge.

The subscription is on auto

The first thing you need to know about the DashPass service is how it works.

Firstly, by default, Doordash has their Dashpass subscription on auto-renewal.

This means if you ever subscribed before and don’t cancel before your subscription ends, you’ll automatically get charged the following month, even without doing anything.

And this loop continues if you never cancel the subscription.

This is done regardless of how often you use the service.

For instance, here’s some Reddit talk on it…

Reddit discussion on dashpass charge

If you’re in these shoes, we have a dedicated article on how to initiate refund for DashPass.

Unauthorized access

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, things like phishing, hacking, and brute-force attacks are still common.

As a matter of fact, in 2022, Doordash made a public announcement on how a group of hackers gained access to customers’ and employees’ details, via phishing.

Well, the same thing could have happened to you in this case but not as farfetched.

Perhaps some one gained access to your account and subscribed to the service. This could even be a family member, friend, or even roommate.

So you always want to check your DashPass dashboard to see if the subscription was turned on.

Who knows? Probably, your son used it…intentionally or unintentionally and forgot to let you know.

It could just be anyone, so ensure to make proper inquiries.

You signed up unintentionally

There has been a lot of shady things regarding the DashPass service.

Lots of people getting subscribed even when they never did. People cancelling the service but still getting charged monthly. People with deactivated accounts still gettting charged.

Funny times, isn’t it?

In fact, you could just make a gesture and get charged (a joke;))

To be serious, here’s someone this happened to…

Someone charged with their saved payment method on doordash for making a simple gesture

An annual subscription for just making a gesture?!

If you already used Doordash and have had your details for payment stored like most people, it’s gonna be very easy for the company to initiate a payment (just like the DashPass) they choose to.

It’s almost difficult to avoid being a victim.

But, thankfully, there are ways to get this fixed.

What to do if you get a Doordash Dashpass charge on your credit card?

Firstly, you’d want to make sure you’ve not used the Dashpass service before unless you later choose to go with it. Perhaps, you later discover the importance.

Otherwise, avoid making any Doordash orders until the refund is successful.

This is because when you make any new orders with the Dashpass subscription on,

All this said, here are the processes to get a refund for the Dashpass subscription you got:

Confirm what’s behind the charge

As we said earlier, you could have gotten the charge for a number of reasons, from being a user who forgot to cancel their subscription, to a person whose account was hacked.

Or perhaps, your friend got the account for herself using your credit card. Who knows? It’s just important to double-check.

Contact Doordash and report

If you’re able to trace Doordash as the culprit behind the automatic charge, the next thing you want to do is to contact them.

There are several ways to do this, but the recommendation is to use the live chat service on the app. They’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Here’s a testimony…

Reddit discussion on dashpass charge

Or for a more immediate response, you can call them on their customer care line at 1 (855) 431-0459. You could also use this link.

If you get a negative response, an alternative tactic that works is to make a shoutout to them on Twitter.

You also want to do this immediately after you get the charge. This will show that you were never interested in getting the subscription in the first place.

Cancel the Subscription

Most likely, Doordash would advise you to do this, but it’s worth mentioning again.

After contacting Doordash, the next thing you’ll want to do is to cancel your subscription, to avoid the same thing from being repeated next month.

…because, as always, it would.

Final Thoughts

Several reasons could account for why you got the Dashpass charge on your credit card. It’s always best to make proper investigations and take recommended action listed in this article.

Hope you find this article helpful!

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