Here’s why you got a 9.99 charge from Doordash

why did i get a 9.99 charge from doordash

In our last few articles, we’ve been covering a lot about charges on Doordash, from a list of legit ones to others, which could be regarded as fraudulent.

Now, you’re probably here because you got a $9.99 charge, you don’t know of.

Why is this so? Well, stick around to find out.

The reason why you got the 9.99 Charge from Doordash

The $9.99 charge is a fee pressed on users who are subscribed to the company’s free delivery services.

Overview of Dashpass

The subscription, called DashPass, provides users with various benefits such as free delivery on all orders above $12, reduced service fees, and exclusive deals at participating restaurants.

This shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Of course, you should only get charged when you subscribe to the service.

You’re even probably at an advantage.

Well, that’s not really the case.

The sketchy part is how the $9.99 subscription charge auto-renews and for some people pops up on their credit card without even them intentionally subscribing.

For people who may have given the free trial a chance, the $9.99 is the actual subscription.

Now, this happens regardless of whether you’ve made any order or not.

But what happens when you get this charge even without ever signing up for Dashpass?

You’ll only get the $9.99 charge when you’ve used Dashpass before.

If you ever get it without having any history with Dashpass as we’ve seen with some people, it’s best you contact Doordash support immediately, as this is a bug.

A bug we’ve seen happen to a lot of people. Perhaps, it’s intentional.

You should also go through our guide on requesting a refund for the service to get a laydown step on how to approach the refund process.

It could also be that your account has been hijacked by someone.

One of the same reasons we’ve seen people getting charged twice.

This could go as being less risky when a friend or family member uses your account or device to make orders to be dangerous (remember your credit card) when a scammer could have done this by gaining access to your account.

For this reason, you might want to double-check on all of these to avoid getting these charges without your consent.

Here’s what to do about the $9.99 Charge on Doordash

For most people that have read this article up to this point, you got the $9.99 charge as a result of failing to cancel your initial subscription.

If yes, here are a few steps we recommend you take…

You must have not used the service

As we said earlier, the $9.99 charge is for the Dashpass subscription, hence, you’re expected to use the subscription while you’re charged.

If you want to get a refund, then you shouldn’t make use of the service. If you’ve already made it, you may have to cancel the idea of getting refunded, unfortunately.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that this is unlikely to work for you if you had deliberately subscribed to the service and don’t want to use it again, as there’s normally no refund policy.

Dashpass doesn't come with a refund policy: why did i get a 9.99 charge from doordash
Dashpass doesn’t come with a refund policy

Report early enough

To increase your chances of getting your request for a refund granted, it’s best you contact the company as quickly as possible.

For instance, here’s someone that got refunded for reporting as quickly as possible:

Comment on someone that got the $9.99 charge

It all makes sense and shows you were not actually interested in renewing your subscription.

Now contact them…

After you’ve satisfied the two requirements aforementioned, you’d want to contact the company.

You can do this either by:

  1. Contacting them via their support page
  2. Their Live chat on the app feature (Advisable, as you’re likely to get a faster response here)

If the company is able to make its research and deem you fit for a refund, you’ll get it.

Should you just go with the Dashpass Subscription?

But what if you decide to take advantage of the subscription? Or maybe you tried asking for a refund and it didn’t go through. Can you just go with the Dashpass subscription and what are the benefits?

Editors note: Dash pass is a service on the platform, that allows you to pay nothing for delivery while you keep on with a monthly charge that costs around $9.99. But it’s worth mentioning that this only covers the cost of delivery, which we talked about earlier and not anything else.

Well, the subscription is worth it for most people but depends on a couple of factors.

For instance, if you only order Doordash when you’re not at home and maybe make less than 2 orders a month, then Dashpass might not be the right for you.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to cook and stick to Doordash and order food delivery services for your daily meal, signing up for the Dashpass kinda makes sense.

It’s all about doing your checks and seeing how much you consume with Doordash per month.

But from a generic point of view, the subscription is worth it. And from the reviews here, you can tell it’s not a joke.

You can see testimonies from real people…

Is dashpass worth it: why did i get a 9.99 charge from doordash

Final Thoughts

Generally, if you ever get a $9.99 charge ever again on Doordash, just know it’s because you fail to either cancel your subscription or have it in mind that a fee like this is coming anytime soon.

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