Do Dashers Get in Trouble for Missing items?

Do Dashers Get in Trouble for Missing items?

Are you a DoorDash driver or just a customer that uses the service and you’re willing to know whether or not dashers would get in trouble for missing items?

Long story short, this generally depends on the case and situation of how the items got missing in the first instance. But what are these factors?

In this article, we will be providing you with information on what will happen to a dasher if an item gets missing and how DoorDash takes care of situations like this.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this.

Do Dashers Get In Trouble For Missing Items?

Generally, Dashers won’t be penalized by DoorDash for any missing items that could be discovered by a customer. 

Even if a Dasher would be held for missing items, not in 2023.

Currently, delivery items are sealed properly from restaurants: a dasher would obviously not be able to break this into this seal.

If they do, that’s a telltale sign that they’re the culprit and they’d be punished properly for this. In most cases, this means getting their account permanently banned.

But in reality, a Dasher won’t get their hands on an order, at least at now…because they know what it means for them and Doordash knows about this as well.

So who gets the trouble for missing items?

So who gets the trouble for missing items?

It all lies on DoorDash or the ordering restaurant as it’s their responsibility to take action. It has nothing to do with the dasher.

As we said earlier, if any of your items seem to be missing or incomplete, the driver won’t be held responsible and you might need to report your case to DoorDash via their website or Mobile App and see what happens.

The only circumstance whereby the dasher could get in trouble is if the items got delivered to the customer unsealed or cut.

Note that several procedures would still be taken before the dasher can be held responsible.

What Happens If DoorDash Notices a Missing Item?

If DoorDash gets to know that your items are missing or probably incomplete, a refund will be processed and DoorDash will collect money on behalf of your ordering restaurant. 

Nonetheless, DoorDash can’t know whether your items are missing or not so it’s your responsibility to let them know by reaching out to them via the list of available methods on the app or website.

Most of the time, DoorDash won’t have to penalize the dasher as they’re not directly responsible for the missing item since it’s sealed all the way from the restaurant. 

If an order is reported to be missing by a customer, DoorDash takes instant action by investigating the issues and asking the driver for an explanation. But if the item is only missing internally, or may be incomplete, the dasher will never be held responsible for this.

Depending on how the matter is settled and who faults it is, refunds would also be made.

You can read up on who pays for refunds on Doordash.

The final stage of the response will involve Doordash issuing a refund and credit to the customers for missing items unless it’s the case of low quality where partial refunds are initiated.

Other problems Doordash could face

Well, in some rare cases, dashers can get penalized if the missing item is as a result of their bad management, unsealed items or by violating the company’s policy.

If this occurs, the driver might not be paid or compensated if they’re found to be responsible for issues regarding the delivery. 

In addition to this, some dashers can also get their accounts deactivated if they’re constantly receiving negative feedback from customers or it was detected that they delivered a missing item that was purposely unsealed or tampered with by them.

If you are a door dasher and you’re involved in any of these, note that you’re at risk of potential loss of income and job opportunities in the future.

How Do I Let DoorDash Know About My Missing Items?

DoorDash has made available a way for their customers to get in touch with them in case of any issues or complaints. So, you have several options to contact the company regarding specific problems you are encountering.

Reporting cases of missing or incomplete food items is very easy if you use the self-service option on the website or Mobile App. You just have to navigate to the contact or help section, select your specific problem and follow the prompts to execute.

You can also utilize other contact methods like phone lines or email support addresses. Be rest assured that DoorDash will be glad to help as they handle missing item cases with utmost importance. 


DoorDash drivers only carry out the jobs of delivering customers food items, which means they won’t be held responsible for any missing items or incomplete orders. If you found out that your orders are not complete or missing, do well to reach out to DoorDash to help fix the problem. Thank you.

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