Deliveroo credit not applied? 5 Reasons this may have happened

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When you place an order, credits can be used as a little deduction or discount on the item you are getting. 

There are numerous ways these credits are obtained and this includes redeeming referral bonuses, getting a refund from Deliveroo, promotions and so much more.

But, what if your Deliveroo credit doesn’t work when you try using it?

Most of the time, the reasons why you can’t use your credits would normally be highlighted in red beneath that exact credit. But that’s just an overview.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll be showing you the main reason this happened as well as ways you can fix the issue.

Here’s why your Deliveroo Credit Card is not Applied:

It can be really annoying when you have credits which you can use to get a few bucks off the Items you are ordering from a restaurant, and it doesn’t go through.

It could be frustrating; but why does this happen? Well, below are some reasons…

1. Technical Issues

I’d like to define this as a technical issue, but I can’t really tell if it’s actually one.

Now regarding deliveroo credit card not getting applied, there have been several complaints about it.

From way back as 2016, there have been several tweets about it.

This may be trickery to get customers to avoid using their credits, or could actually be real. We can’t really tell, but have seen this happen severally.

Thankfully, by contacting them you can get them to fix this “technical issue.”

But before that, you may want to confirm whether the reason your credit was not applied isn’t as a result of other reasons listed out here.

    2. Expired Credits

    Just like Coupons, Deliveroo credits do not last forever.

    Below each credit, you will see the date each of them expires.

    For instance, you’ll notice highlights such as “expires in 4 days”, and “expires in 7 days”.

    If your credit has passed the expiry date, then it’s impossible for you to use it any longer.

    This is why it’s important to take note of the date your credits will expire in order to ensure it doesn’t expire before you use them.

    So check under the credit you want to use, it’s possible that it’s expired already.

    2. Age restrictions on items

    Note that you can’t use some particular credits for an age-restricted item like alcohol.

    reasons for deliveroo credit not applied - Age restrictions on items

    If you are trying to do this, then you will notice the display of a statement “credit not applied due to age restriction item” at the bottom of the credit.

    This simply means you can’t use the credit for that particular order.

    The solution here would be either to change the order or opt not to use the credits.

    3. Unsuitable restaurant 

    Some credits can only be used for placing orders to specific restaurants only. 

    When you try to use the credits for restaurants that aren’t accepted, you will get the message; “Can only be used for the following selected and certain restaurant only”.

    This should likely provide you with enough information to order from only the suitable restaurants. 

    The restaurant which the credits are mostly eligible for is Grocery UK and can only be used on orders in GBP.

    How to check if your Deliveroo credit has been applied to an order or not?

    The only way to manage your account is via the app and it’s also a way for you to check whether or not your credit has been applied.

    In order to check if your Deliveroo credit has been applied or not, follow the procedures below.

    • Step 1: Proceed to the Deliveroo app and log in with your personal details. This will automatically direct you to the homepage or dashboard.
    • Step 2: You have to place an order in order to check the credits. Browse through the restaurants and select an item you can order.
    • Step 3: Confirm and move to the checkout page where all the summaries of your order and the information will be displayed. You will see the credit, details and information.
    • Step 4: Proceed to the section where you can select a credit. Compare it by checking the total amount due and the available credits. 

    This will show you whether the credit has been applied or not. if not – add it, complete your order and wait for your delivery.

    An alternative way to check your credits is to navigate to the menu option, by clicking on the top left corner of your screen.

    Scroll down through the options until you find “account credits” or “vouchers and credit”. This is where all your available credits and vouchers will be displayed.

    What To Do If Your Credit Is Not Applied To Deliveroo?

    Here are the things you should do if you have been trying all possible means but your credit doesn’t seem to be applying.

    Inspect The Credit 

    This procedure is a little bit broad and it includes checking if the credit is expired or not, checking if you aren’t using it for an age-restricted item and also checking if the restaurant you are ordering from is accepted for that particular credit.

    If any of the above seems to be the reason why you are not able to apply for a credit, it will be highlighted. What you need to do is adjust accordingly.

    Wait It Out

    Especially in terms of technical issues, this could be directly from the platform; perhaps maintenance is ongoing. There is nothing you can do in cases like this other than to be patient.

    With time, the issue would be resolved and you will be able to use your credits again.

    Contact Deliveroo customer support

    If you are still experiencing difficulties, it’s best that you contact Deliveroo. They will provide you with the most accurate reasons and recommended fixes to solve the problem.

    It could also be helpful contacting on Twitter, like this guy…

    Someone who maid complaints on twitter about deliveroo credit not applied

    He eventually he got an instant response that helped him out.

    Final Thoughts

    We hope that our detailed guide above provided you with insight on how to get around issues regarding your Deliveroo credits. Thanks for reading.

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