4 Doordash Passenger Policy to Keep in Mind

4 Doordash Passenger Policy to Keep in Mind

As with every company, there’d always be policies guiding the affairs of workers and how they’re expected to work. That could just be the same with Doordash (it actually is). But what if this policy involves restrictions on who you carry while dashing?

Does Doordash have a passenger policy and what is it? This will article cover everything you need to know.

Doordash Passenger Policy (4 Things To Keep in Mind)

Whether it’s a partner, friend, or perhaps someone you want to work alongside with, there’d always be times you could have someone in your car.

And if you never want to get into trouble, it’s advisable to know whether that goes against the rules of the company.

Enough chatters. What are these policies?

1. You’re free to have someone in your car

Firstly, it’s important to mention that Doordash doesn’t have an official passenger policy that can get you screwed up in the event of a violation of it. (But I’ve done the hard work in this article by researching further)

In other words, this means they don’t care about who you have in your car while making deliveries, as long as you make your deliveries promptly and it doesn’t affect your delivery process, negatively.

However, something to keep in mind is to not misuse this freedom.

Yes, you can have someone in your car. This doesn’t mean you should carry a whole family in the car while delivering. Or perhaps, start driving for Uber while delivering (I don’t think anyone would do this, though).

Don’t get me wrong. You’re free to do Uber even as a DoorDash driver, but not at least the moment you accept a delivery request.

Generally, whether you argue it or not, all these scenarios would negatively affect your delivery processes, specifically increasing delivery time. This, we all know leads to a bad customer rating, which could get you off the platform if it gets too low (anything below an overall of 4.2).

So never think of it. But is having one or two people bad while delivering? No, that’s fine as we’ve explained.

2. Someone Can Drive For You But Under a condition

One question we’ve always had people ask is the possibility of having someone dash in your stead. Or perhaps, drive the car while you do the physical delivery — i.e. going to the restaurant, or handing the food to the customer.

Well, the two scenarios are possible on DoorDash.

So how?

According to DoorDash, it’s totally up to you to delegate the task of delivery to an employee, friend, or partner. However, there are some conditions to keep in mind.

Firstly, if they’re going to be doing the driving, they should be well-licensed. This is not just for DoorDash, but a state standard, a wobbler offense if caught.

They also need to have their account registered on DoorDash. And the reason behind this is clear:

In the process of getting their account on DoorDash, they’d eventually need to provide proof of insurance — this is very important as insurance policies only cover specific people and not the car.

In other words, in the event of having someone drive for you, they also need to have their own insurance.

You can’t use someone else’s car

While DoorDash is not necessarily against this, it’s not exactly advisable.

Firstly, doing this will break the insurance policy of the owner’s car.

Most normal people will only have a personal auto insurance policy for their cars. As we explained in a previous article, this is not something you want to rely on.

Now aside from this, Insurance companies often specify who is covered under a policy, and in many cases, the policy only covers the primary driver and their vehicle.

Using someone else’s car for commercial purposes (like delivering for DoorDash) could, therefore, leave you without coverage in the event of an accident. Of course, you were not on the coverage.

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You’re not restricted to a particular type of vehicle

If you have a car registered to DoorDash, you’re not necessarily tied to that car forever.

If perhaps, you have several cars, you’re free to change or alternate between them. You don’t always have to stick with what you used to register or have to update your vehicle information each time you intend using a different car.

However, there’s a catch.

If you intend to change to a different vehicle type. For instance, go from a bicycle to an e-bike or from an e-bike to a car, it’s important to make sure you make an official change.

Basically, this can only be done by contacting DoorDash support.

And it’s important you do this because different vehicle types have different priorities, and are hence attracted to different types of orders.

Failing to update your vehicle information can only cause DoorDash to be misinterpreted and could affect you negatively.

Final Thoughts

DoorDash generally has a fair policy when it comes to the way it handles the situation of drivers having someone in their car, whether it’s just to keep them company or help them drive.

If you follow the rules left in this article, you should be fine.

Hope you found this article!

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